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Video Spotlight

Cochlear Baha 5 Sound Processor Portfolio

September 20, 2016

A new perspective on the complete Baha® 5 sound processor portfolio from George Cire, Cochlear Principal Clinical Technical Manager, and audiologist Katie Breithart from Rocky Mountain Ear Center.

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Rely on us. Rely on Oticon Medical

September 29, 2016

People with a hearing loss rely on their sound processor in order to take part in life. At Oticon Medical, our engineers understand this responsibility and have thought through every detail of the Pon...

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CareCredit: Attracting New Patients

April 11, 2016

CareCredit’s Randy Baldwin, Vice President of Marketing, sits down with AudiologyOnline to share how practices can use CareCredit as a smart business tool to help attract patients, and to help p...

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Phonak Audeo B-R Rechargeable Hearing Aid

September 30, 2016

Learn about the quickest-charging, longest-lasting rechargeable hearing aid ever and listen to feedback from hearing care professionals.

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