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Connect Hearing

Hearing Care Professional

Connect Hearing


Job Description

Audiologist or Hearing Instrument Dispenser ~ Hearing Care Professional

Connect Hearing is looking for a Hearing Care Professional for our Madison, WI clinic. Dedicated individuals, licensed and certified in Wisconsin to perform comprehensive audiological and hearing aid evaluations, will find an ideal situation to display their expertise and make their mark on the business as a Hearing Care Professional for Connect Hearing. You will strive to help more people stay connected to the sounds they love and make an immeasurable impact on the quality of life of our patients. We will rely on you to create a unique, personalized and value-filled clinical experience as you introduce solutions to mitigate patients' hearing loss. Exert your passion and expertise as you provide superior customer service in a meaningful role for one of the top hearing care organizations in the country. This role is suited for both audiologists and hearing instrument specialists. If you are focused, self-motivated and have a passion for exceeding expectations in customer service and relationships, come join our collaborative, friendly culture and be a part of a worldwide leader in medical hearing devices.

Connect Hearing, one of the largest networks of hearing care clinics in the US, offers exceptional hearing care for people who would like to understand, hear and connect to life again in over 2,500 local communities throughout the nation. The Chicago-based company is a fast growing division of Sonova (SOON:US), the world's leading provider of innovative hearing healthcare solutions. 

As our Madison, WI, Hearing Care Professional, your first mission will be to come up to speed on our SOPs and to gain proficency with our comprehensive patient management system, where you will do all your charting and documenting of patient records. In conducting comprehensive audiological and hearing aid evaluations, you will listen as patients explain lifestyle challenges from their hearing loss. Armed with this information, you will adeptly counsel patients on what to expect from wearing hearing aids, explain the difference in hearing aid styles and advise on what options are best suited for each patient's lifestyle. You will leverage your meticulous organizational skills to monitor a patient's progress and prepare physician reports, if required. You will interact with a variety of individuals, so your refined interpersonal and listening skills will instill confidence in the patients you serve and help you to influence your patients to take the next step in reconnecting to the sounds they have been missing. 

If this sounds like a match for you, join our team, make Connect Hearing your next career move and experience the satisfaction of helping more people stay connected! 


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Job Summary

Location Madison, WI
Professional Requirements Hearing Aid Specialist
Job ID 21282
Contact Human Resources
(630) 303-5380
fax. (978) 367-5917