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Audioscan® is the #1 hearing instrument fitting system manufacturer in North America with more systems in use than all other manufacturers combined.* Audioscan products are renowned world-wide because their owners experience tangible times savings, scientific verification of audibility, reduced returns, and more satisfied patients.

Audioscan has recently introduced its most anticipated product in its 25 year history. The new Verifit®2 is the culmination of decades of experience and the “Best Science. Best Fit.™” philosophy that has always driven Audioscan. Four main benefits set the Verifit2 apart from any other system — the Verifit2 is:

  • The only fully binaural system for lightning-fast results both in the test box, and on the ear
  • The only 16kHz system for the most complete results
  • Office ready and faster than ever for maximum efficiency
  • The only platform for paired instruments — verify pairing features for the first time

Learn more by visiting or attending Audioscan’s new hands-on CEU workshop series — see the new Verifit2 in action while learning the state-of-the-art in counseling and fitting!

*Independent survey conducted by Paramount Research®


Simultaneous Binaural Verification on the Verifit2

August 5, 2016

How to perform simultaneous binaural verification of hearing aid fitting using the Verifit2 and the new Binaural Sound Field Assist tool.

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Audioscan: Spring2016 Software Update Overview

July 28, 2016

A quick look at new features and changes in the Spring2016 software release.

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Audioscan Test Box Microphone Calibration

February 1, 2016

How to perform the user calibration for the test box microphones on Audioscan hearing instrument fitting systems.

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Audioscan Probe Microphone Calibration

December 9, 2015

How to perform the user calibration for the probe microphones on Audioscan hearing instrument fitting systems.

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Probe Tube Placement

September 18, 2015

Tips on proper probe tube placement for Speechmap and other real ear measures on Audioscan hearing instrument fitting systems.

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Updating Audioscan System Software

July 28, 2015

How to download and install software updates for Audioscan Verifit 2, Axiom, RM500SL, and both CD-based and flash-based Verifit VF-1 equipment.

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Audioscan: Verifit 2 Preview

July 1, 2015

An overview of the Verifit2 hearing instrument fitting system, highlighting the unique features that allow fitting professionals to evaluate today’s hearing instruments — including a fully...

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RECD - Basics and usage in Audioscan fitting systems

July 1, 2015

An overview of Real Ear to Coupler Difference basics, and measurement protocols in Audioscan Verifit, Verifit 2, Axiom, and RM500SL hearing instrument fitting systems.

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Verifit 2: Coupling hearing instruments in the binaural test box.

July 1, 2015

How to couple hearing instruments in the Verifit 2 binaural test box for both wideband/binaural tests and ANSI standard tests.

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Audioscan Introduces Multiple Software Improvements - the Most User-Friendly Verifit Ever!

Audioscan® Appoints Marketing and Sales Head

Audioscan Extends the Verifit2 Binaural Test System with New Software Release

Audioscan Appoints Dr. Li Qi to Advance Verification Education in Asia

Audioscan Unveils the Latest Enhancements to the Verifit2 Fitting System at AudiologyNOW!

Audioscan® Announces New Hearing Instrument Verification Workshops for 2016

Audioscan® Announces New CEU Workshop Focused on Improving Patient Outcomes and Competitive Differentiation for Fitting Professionals.

Audioscan Appoints Audiology and Education Head

Demo the New Verifit2 Fitting System at AudiologyNOW!

Jonkman Named President of Audioscan


Clinical Verification of Ear Level FM Systems: Classroom & Personal Use Applications
Dave Smriga, MA

New RECDs and a New ANSI Standard: Revisiting RECD Basics and Applications
Susan Scollie, PhD

The Verifit Directional Mic Test: Evaluating Modern Directional Microphone Technologies
Dave Smriga, MA

The Benefits of Office Integration
Chris Stokes-Rees

Speechmap as a Counseling and Fitting Tool
Dave Smriga, MA

Real-Ear Measurement: Basic Terminology and Procedures
John Pumford, MClSc, AUD(C), Sheila Sinclair, MClSc

Ask the Expert

How Do I Troubleshoot Hearing Aid Directional Test Measurements?
Dave Smriga, MA

Can You Show an Example of a Hearing Aid Directional Test?
Dave Smriga, MA

Does the New Standard RECD Impact Clinical Test Procedures?
Susan Scollie, PhD

What Features are Available in Newer Real Ear Verification Systems?
Jim Jonkman

Are Software Upgrades Available for Audioscan?
Jim Jonkman


New Audioscan Software Supports the Latest RECD Changes, New Frequency Lowering Verification Signals, Binaural Phone Streaming Tests, and More
John Pumford, AuD

New ANSI RECD Standard: Why Your RECD May Contain Errors and What You Can Do About It
Jim Jonkman

Introducing Verifit 2 from Audioscan!
Jim Jonkman


Axiom brochure from Audioscan

The streamlined system for office verification.

RM500SL Portable Fitting Hearing System brochure from Audioscan

The portable system for verification anywhere.

Verift 2 brochure from Audioscan

The most complete system for clinical verification.

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