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The Esteem Implant

Learn about the Esteem Hearing Implant, the only FDA-approved fully implanted active middle ear hearing device. It’s invisible, completely waterproof, and has a battery that lasts years – not weeks or months.

How it Works

The ear is remarkably well designed. Learn how the Esteem is designed to work with the ear’s natural anatomy to improve hearing and minimize background noise, distortion, and acoustic feedback.

Clinical Results

As the first hearing implant of its kind, the Esteem inspires plenty of questions about its clinical performance. Review the Esteem Hearing Implant’s clinical data and quality of life assessment measures here.

Build Your Practice

As a hearing professional, learn how offering the Esteem Hearing Implant can put you in an ideal position to benefit from the rapidly growing ranks of adults searching for a more natural, less restrictive, long-term hearing solution.


Envoy Medical


Learn more about Envoy Medical, maker of the Esteem. Read our vision and mission statements, the company’s history, and more in About Envoy.


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The Esteem Middle-Ear Hearing Implant
June 2, 2014 Liz Anderson, PhD


The Esteem Middle-Ear Hearing Implant
July 6, 2014 Liz Anderson, PhD


Esteem®: Lives Changed - Allison

May 30, 2014

Allison is a working mom with two young children. Her story encompasses touching childhood memories made bittersweet by a genetic hearing loss as well as family life before, and after, her Esteem Hear...

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Esteem®: Lives Changed - Barb

May 30, 2014

A self-described “wannabe cowgirl” from Ohio, Barb has dealt with moderate hearing loss her entire life. Always searching for a better solution, she first discovered the Esteem on the Inte...

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Esteem®: Lives Changed - Bill

May 30, 2014

A watersports-loving pharmaceutical sales executive, Bill always equipped himself with the latest hearing aid technology—and was always underwhelmed. Being both invisible and waterproof, the Est...

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Esteem®: Lives Changed - Marcia

May 30, 2014

The mother of five, Marcia is also an accomplished singer and businesswoman for good measure. As her hearing loss worsened, she became depressed and withdrawn. She was looking for “a miracle&rdq...

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Esteem®: Lives Changed - Maurie

May 30, 2014

Maurie is a veteran director/producer whose hearing loss began to put him at a professional disadvantage. Growing weary of the compromises conventional hearing aids imposed, Maurie’s doctor reco...

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Esteem® Official Advertisement

December 2, 2013

Esteem is the only FDA-approved, fully implanted, active middle ear hearing device. Specifically engineered to help improve the hearing of adults diagnosed with moderate to severe sensorineural hearin...

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The Esteem® Hearing Implant
Liz Anderson, PhD

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Who is a Candidate for the Esteem® Hearing Implant?
Liz Anderson, PhD


Esteem Hearing Implant from Envoy Medical
Brent Lucas, Liz Anderson, PhD

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