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Trusted Protection

Extended coverage from ESCO offers an effective solution that reinforces patient loyalty.

Why not add a loyalty-producing product to the mix?

Once the original manufacturer’s warranty expires or the loss policy has been used, the cost of repairing or replacing a lost or damaged device can be expensive. You can extend your patient’s loss and accidental damage (L&D) and repair coverage, providing them with invaluable peace of mind.


About ESCO

As a hearing practitioner, each day you care for your patients with excellence, attention to detail and uncompromising care. It’s what you do. You have a passion for patients.

At ESCO, we have a passion for protecting them. By choosing insurance coverage from ESCO, you can offer patients consistent quality of care by extending the loss, damage and repair of their hearing instruments, providing them peace of mind while enhancing patient loyalty.

For more than 25 years, ESCO has been the leading insurance provider of loss, damage and repair coverage for the hearing industry. Practitioners choose to work with ESCO because of our comprehensive coverage, unsurpassed customer service, low premiums and payment plans, and our quick claims processing.

ESCO works with all major hearing device manufacturers and has covered more than one million devices since we opened our doors. We are the largest independent provider of extended warranties and loss and damage coverage, and are the trusted choice of many practitioners for insuring the products they offer. Trusted protection.



Protection Plus & Platinum Plan

ESCO’s Protection Plus is an easy and affordable insurance coverage plan for your patients’ existing hearing aids. This annual plan provides loss and accidental damage coverage, and can be purchased at any point in the life of the device.

For patients who choose to add repair coverage (12 months of coverage for normal wear and tear of their device), we also have the ESCO Platinum Plan. Visit

Reminder Care

ESCO partners with your practice, providing your patients with a reminder of their manufacturer’s warranty expiration timing, encouraging them to contact your office for an annual check up. ESCO tracks the instrument and warranty information so you can spend more time helping your patients.

Manufacturer Programs

ESCO statistics indicate that 54% of patients will price shop if they lose their hearing aids a second time. With ESCO and the manufacturers combined efforts, we are able to offer an affordable solution to extend coverage during the patients’ manufacturer repair warranty period. This plan provides annual loss and accidental damage coverage, their replacement aid.

Protection Plus is an easy and affordable insurance coverage plan for your patients’ existing hearing aids. This plan provides loss and accidental damage coverage, and can be purchased while the aid is still under manufacturer repair warranty.

AlwaysHear Program

With AlwaysHear the practitioner provides coverage directly to the patient, making the practice the sole point of contact during every phase of hearing aid ownership. Your patients will return to you during every phase of hearing aid ownership, making them loyal to your practice for years to come.

We offer three programs: AlwaysHear Premier, Essential and Complete. Benefits vary between the programs and include: loss and damage, normal wear and tear repair, and even coverage for a second loss.

For questions about our programs

Email ESCO at or call us at 1-800-992-3726.


Continuing Education

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Insurance Coverage for Over 1200 Hearing Device Models

ESCO's Platinum Plan Covers Repairs and Replacement

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ESCO: AlwaysHear Provider Advantage Program

By becoming a licensed ESCO agent and offering the AlwaysHear Policies, practitioners will begin developing a stronger relationship with their patients. View PDF for more details.

ESCO: Original Equipment Manufacturer - Protection Plus

After the patient uses their manufacturers loss & damage coverage, the cost to replace that new hearing instrument is the responsibility of the patient. By choosing to offer Protection Plus, practitioners can extend their patient’s loss cov

ESCO: Platinum Plan & Protection Plus

Once a patients warranty expires or they have lost a device, the cost of repairing or replacing that device is the responsibility of the patient. With these programs, you can extend your patients’ L&D and repair and provide them invaluable

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This good service really impresses me of your company’s integrity.Paul Y, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I still cannot believe the wonderful treatment I received from ESCO.Adiele G, Grant Pass, Oregon

 “My experience with ESCO has been very good. Any repairs that were needed were done as quickly as possible, and the service was very satisfactory.” Arlene H

 “I faxed a claim earlier today and before I had closed the pt.’s file, I received your email with the authorization. That was fast. Thank you so much for your speedy response.” Catherine D. Boston, Massachusetts

Very quick response to repair claim, authorization came immediately.Leslie P, Colorado

I called to check on how long it would take to get my office into the system, and I had a confirmation email minutes faxed over.Kim S, Pennsylvania

Excellent. My Mom lost her hearing aids and it was very easy to replace them. When her insurance expired, John called asking if we would like to renew. That was very helpful because my Mom often overlooked things. Unfortunately, my Mom passed away, and John was very sympathetic and sent me to a link where her hearing aids could be donated to someone who couldn’t afford to purchase aids.” Sue, Massachusetts