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The Hearing Instrument Manufacturers' Software Association (HIMSA) was founded in 1993 with the objective of developing and supporting Noah, one standard for integrated hearing care software. HIMSA is a privately owned company, but it operates like a consortium – all the suppliers within the hearing care industry who are HIMSA members have significant input into HIMSA and how the standard evolves. Today, nearly 100 companies support the Noah software standard.

Noah and other HIMSA products

Noah: The Noah software system is designed specifically for the hearing care industry, providing professionals with a unified system for performing client-related tasks.

Noah is the "integration framework", that allows hearing instrument fitting, audiological measurement and office management systems to share a common database. Noah provides a de facto standard for controlling the exchange of data between these applications and systems.

Noah 4: With Noah System 4, the Noah interface has been redesigned to provide significantly improved usability, while maintaining complete compatibility with current NOAH 3 modules and patient data created in NOAH 3. The result is a more intuitive user experience and an efficient and faster workflow.

NOAHlink: Noahlink is designed to replace HI-PRO, for programming advanced hea4ring instruments. It provides faster data communication and greater throughput between Noah and the hearing instrument. By eliminating the wires to the PC, Noahlink also enables flexibility and freedom of movement during the fittingprocess.

Noah-Certified Business Systems: A Noah-certified business system provides an alternative to HIMSA's own Noah System software. Based on the same core features as Noah System software, it can also run Noah fitting and measurement modules and store the resulting data in its database. In addition, business systems often include a range of additional useful features, such as scheduling and billing functionality.

Options for Integrating Noah Data with Other Software

As electronic patient records become increasingly important, HIMSA continues to receive many requests from Noah users regarding integrating Noah data with other systems.

Based on feedback from user groups, individuals and organizations, HIMSA has devised two methods for companies to integrate Noah data to meet these users' needs: Noah-compatible business systems and web service integration.

Click here for more information on options for integrating Noah data with other software.

Compatible Audiological Equipment

Over 100 different diagnostic measurement equipment devices that are compatible with Noah. Using these compatible devices helps users save time by automatically transferring data to Noah and also ensuring that the data is transferred correctly, without manual intervention and the potential for data entry errors.

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Preparing for Noah 4

Upgrading to Noah 4 is easy. The installation and upgrade procedure is well tested and stable. Visit the Noah 4 knowledgebase that HIMSA has prepared to ensure a smooth and easy upgrade:

View here on how to prepare for Noah 4 documentation