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avio5 Premium Class Hearing System Delivers Excellence in Performance and Style

Interton unveiled avio5, a new premium product line designed to deliver excellence in performance and style, at the AudiologyNOW! convention in Dallas, TX on April 1 - 4, 2009.

avio5 provides multiple state-of-the-art features working in tandem for superior hearing versatility in all acoustic situations, while ensuring maximum functional convenience for the wearer. Key features designed to provide best-in-class comfort and clarity include: Environmental Gain Tuner for automatic volume adjustment;Adaptive Background Noise Function to reduce unwanted sounds;improved directionality including Speech-Focused Directionality to improve understanding by focusing to the front with a variable beam angle;Wind Noise Reduction, Adaptive Feedback Cancellation, and more. Additionally, avio5 offers a host of features enabling maximum personalization such as Acclimitization Manager, to naturally and automatically ease the patient's transition into new hearing instruments over time, and Learning Volume Control.

Tailored for excellence, avio5 is available in a variety of barely noticeable form factors in neutral colors. A range of power options makes it possible for people with mild to severe hearing loss to experience the benefits that avio5 offers.

Professional fitting tools from Interton make it easier than ever to fit, counsel and satisfy clients with avio5. Appraise software provides a quick Auto-Fit, access to all the programming fine details, and a multimedia system for simulations of hearing loss or sound environments. Additionally, in-depth visual data-logging information for every avio5 instrument ensures ultra-precise fitting results.

By offering the most advanced solution for any acoustic situation and delivering excellence every step of the way, avio5 enables clients the freedom to fully enjoy any lifestyle they choose. For more information, on avio5 visit or the Interton Web Channel at Audiology Online. Or you can contact Interton at 800-247-4741.