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Monthly Review - Do You Love to Learn?

Do you love to learn?

If you love to learn, February, the month of love, is a good time to log onto AudiologyOnline!

Fact vs. Fiction

Dr. Brian Taylor provides an overview of some of the current trends in process-based noise reduction (NR). The goal of this paper is to bridge the gap between some of the more technical details and tie them out to clinical applications. Take a look at Separating Fact from Fiction: Making Sense of Processed-Based Noise Reduction

Nonlinear Compression

Dr. Hugh McDermott from the University of Melbourne, Australia, provides an overview of frequency compression and how it is implemented in Phonak's SoundRecover technology in, The Benefits of Nonlinear Frequency Compression for a Wide Range of Hearing Losses.


Dr. Gloria Garner presented on the topic of ethics this past fall in one of our live Expert eSeminars. We have taken this presentation, transcribed and edited it to provide an article version of the online presentation. It is a great option for those of you who missed the live event and would rather read the information versus listen to it in the recorded version. Take a "garner" at Ethical Equilibrium: The Changing Landscape of Ethics - Transcript of the Live Seminar.

Peaks and Valleys

Dr. Granville Brady writes an article addressing how a practice owner may need to use creative resources for funding during a down cycle in Avoiding Monthly Revenue Peaks and Valleys.

Interviews Plus Some Web Tidbits

Dr. Smaka has been very busy with interviews lately;read about Gus Mueller and the his new virtual journal club, nano-coating on hearing aids, plus updates from Hansaton and Unitron. Take a look at the links over on the right for this and more. Also, our Associate Editor, Kristi Albers, takes us "Around the Web" for some interesting tidbits on how the rest of the world looks at audiology, hearing aids and hearing loss. This includes: hearing aids for swimming, charmed hearing aids, hearing aids improve sex life and Apple doesn't cause hearing loss.

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