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Oticon Introduces SUMO, the World's Most Powerful BTE Hearing Aid

Somerset, NJ - Building on its longstanding history of producing high quality, state-of-the-art power hearing instruments, Oticon, Inc. today introduced Sumo, "Super Power Maximum Output," the world's most powerful BTE. A breakthrough in amplifier and receiver design called Output Optimization TechnologyTM allows Sumo to provide greater MPO (146 dB SPL) and gain (86 dB) than any other Super Power BTE available - analog or digital.

"Sumo's development marks a significant step forward in helping people with severe to profound hearing loss," explains Mikael Worning, President of Oticon, Inc. "This special group of users relies heavily on the consistent high level of amplification provided by their hearing aids. Technological advances, like those found in Sumo, can mean a significant improvement in their quality-of-life."

Sumo instruments provide a substantial benefit for severe to profound hearing aid users: a dramatic increase in the low frequency MPO and gain. For many people with severe or profound hearing loss, the low frequencies may be their only region of residual hearing. Providing amplification in this critical area results in a more natural sound quality and less distortion of the user's own voice.

Sumo features a small, thin and light shell design, which makes it suitable for infants as well as adults. A proprietary interlocking FM and Direct Audio input shoe solution ensures secure and robust connectivity and helps prevent accessory loss. The new power instrument offers extensive fitting flexibility and a broad range of features, such as an effective feedback management system, programmable telecoil and a battery management system for excellent battery life.

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