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Phonak Reinforces Its Commitment to Providing Every User With a Tailor-Made Hearing Solution

Comprehensive product lines for all-around satisfaction and convenience

Warrenville, IL, June 2003 - Phonak is introducing several new products to ensure that its hearing systems are able to satisfy the widest spectrum of needs and tastes. Phonak's dedication to providing integrated, individualized communication systems is underlined by the introduction of three new hearing instruments in the Supero and Aero lines. With the new Aero 311 Forte, Aero 311 AZ Forte and Supero 413 AZ, Phonak ensures that its digital systems successfully address every degree of hearing loss and every lifestyle preference.

Powerful additions to the Aero line

The Aero 311 Forte and Aero 311 AZ Forte are power BTEs that meet the specific needs of wearers with a severe hearing loss. These newest additions to the medium-priced, high-value Aero line have a compact, modern design and are endowed with the latest digital technology for power performance. The convenient controls are easy to use and the Aero 311 AZ Forte contains the proven Phonak AudioZoom technology that makes a vital contribution to speech understanding in noisy environments.

With Aero the fitter has a choice of three signal processing strategies that are appropriately linked to a selection of up to three different hearing programs, ensuring individual needs and tastes are met precisely. The Aero digital Noise Canceler suppresses environmental noise across 15 channels with its ability to differentiate between "speech-like" and "noise-like" signals. Convenience features of the BTEs include a TacTronic switch that ensures easy operation. The hook design protects the microphone from dirt and moisture, while special protection integrated into the housing shields the "zoom" microphone. The Aero 311 Forte and Aero 311 AZ Forte are fully compatible with the latest Phonak FM equipment, ideal for use in a host of environments from restaurants to conference rooms.

Supero confirms its leading position as the most complete digital power system on the market

The Supero line by Phonak proves the company's unrivalled status as leading provider of digital power hearing systems through product innovation and capability in implementing tailor-made solutions. The newest member of the family, the Supero 413 AZ, brings the proven Phonak AudioZoom technology to the line. This zoom feature with dual microphone directionality significantly improves speech intelligibility in noise, bringing increased wearer satisfaction. The Supero 413 AZ is committed to enabling people with a severe to profound hearing loss to communicate effectively in challenging acoustic environments. The 413 AZ incorporates all the innovations of the Supero line that benefit wearers and fitters alike, including RECDdirect, for safe and easy one-step Real Ear to Coupler Difference measurements.

Supero is the first digital hearing instrument ever to be designed specifically for power applications. Its robust, protective construction ensures high performance in all situations, and effectively resists dirt and moisture. For the ultimate in sound quality and practicality, Supero also is compatible with the Phonak FM system that overcomes the significant barriers of distance, echo and background noise.

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