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Phonak Sets New Standards with Premium Models Exélia Art, Audéo Yes IX and Naída IX

With its new premium product offering, Phonak introduces an unrivalled series of innovations

Stäfa, Switzerland, April 1st 2009 - The new products redefine excellence in terms of performance and connectivity. The extensive product offering comprises the award winning Audéo Yes design, a great choice of high performance Exélia Art models and the first ever premium high power hearing solution Naída IX. All new premium products feature the revolutionary SoundRecover and ZoomControl technology and offer extended connectivity. The complete range of product models and accessories ensure satisfaction for those clients who will only accept the best available.

Primary among the innovations is the introduction of SoundRecover technology to users with all degrees of hearing loss. Many people experience difficulty understanding speech and enjoying music and the sounds of nature because they do not hear well in the high frequency ranges. SoundRecover compresses and shifts high frequencies, expanding audibility to include the full spectrum of sounds. This enables wearers to once again enjoy all the sounds of life: conversation in a restaurant, children laughing, music, birds singing and the whisper of a loved one. 88% of users report that SoundRecover is the most important feature of their Phonak.

Exélia Art: Raising the industry benchmark once again

Exélia Art, the highlight in the new premium offering, leaves nothing to be desired. With the introduction of Exélia Art, SoundRecover technology is now available, for the first time, in all models, including the smallest CIC and micro with slim tubes and standard BTEs, This allows high-end ustomers to rediscover all the subtle sounds that complete life's rich soundscapes. Unrivalled nderstanding on the phone is achieved thanks to the new DuoPhone feature, with the phone signal heard simultaneously in both ears. Background noise is reduced and clarity significantly improved. ZoomControl, now with DirectTouch combines real-audio streaming with directional beamforming for a truly unique benefit - the ability to choose which direction to focus hearing. With DirectTouch users can activate the ZoomControl function directly on the hearing instrument or as previously via myPilot. Offering a choice of 15 styles, including tiny CICs, the new micro Petite, and powerful BTEs, the Exélia Art fitting range covers mild to severe hearing losses.

Audéo Yes IX: The smallest, premium wireless hearing system in the market

Benefitting from the latest technological innovations while wearing a stylish device is now possible with Audéo Yes IX. The award-winning design in a robust housing is available in 17 fresh color ombinations and features SoundRecover. The Canal Receiver Technology offers maximum flexibility: multiple receivers and coupling options allow fitters to provide an instant or custom fitting with a wide range of audiometric configurations. Audéo Yes is available with a standard CRT receiver for mild to moderately-severe hearing losses and with a power CRT receiver for moderate to severe hearing losses.

Naída IX: The first high power hearing instrument in the premium segment

With Naída IX, Phonak introduces the first premium high power hearing system on the market. All of the features of the wireless CORE platform such as SoundRecover are ideally suited to the needs of people with significant hearing loss. Enhanced with an extensive set of features Naída IX masters even the most difficult hearing situations and comes in an esthetically appealing, water-resistant housing.

Thanks to the highest frequency resolution in 33 channels, VoiceZoom provides excellent understanding in background noise. With SoundRelax, impulse sounds, such as the sharp noise of clanging dishes in the kitchen, are intelligently suppressed without affecting speech understanding ZoomControl with DirectTouch brings significant advantages to Naída IX users as they are especially challenged when not able to face the source of sound. With DuoPhone even wearers with significant hearing loss can enjoy telephone conversations. The Naída IX is available in two models with a 13 and 675 size battery suitable for a large variety of audiometric configurations and losses ranging from moderately-severe to profound.

The new products are now available.

About Phonak

Headquartered near Zurich, Switzerland, Phonak, a member of the Sonova Group, has developed, produced and globally distributed state-of-the-art hearing systems and wireless devices for more than 50 years. The combination of expertise in hearing technology, mastery in acoustics and strong cooperation with hearing care professionals allows Phonak to significantly improve people's hearing ability and speech understanding and therefore their quality of life.

Phonak offers a complete range of digital hearing instruments, along with complementary wireless communication systems. With a worldwide presence, Phonak drives innovation and sets new industry benchmarks regarding miniaturization and performance.

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