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Questionnaire Module 2.0 on its Way

Support for several new languages

NOAH Questionnaire module version 2.0 is currently in final quality testing.

The NOAH Questionnaire Module allows NOAH 3 users to complete, store and retrieve the
COSI and APHAB industry-standard questionnaires to assist in the provision of evidence-based hearing health care.

In version 1.0, COSI and APHAB questionnaires were available in English and German only. Version
2.0 will provide COSI in all NOAH languages, and APHAB will also be available in two additional country versions.

"Early in 2005, the Hungarian and Brazilian hearing industries contacted HIMSA with a request for country-specific APHAB questionnaires," said Søren Kristensen, Product Manager.

"These industry groups have worked hard to ensure that the translation for the questionnaire was complete and accurate for their markets." HIMSA has worked closely with Dr. Robyn Cox to ensure correct localization procedures for Hungary and Brazil, as well as to update the U.S normative data for APHAB. HIMSA will continue to update the questionnaire module if needed, based on specific requests from hearing care industry worldwide.

"Only with the help of hearing care industries can we help ensure that the Questionnaire module meets the needs of each country," stated Kristensen. "We rely on these industry groups to request additions and corrections to the module, as well as to ensure the accuracy of translation for each country."

The NOAH Questionnaire module 2.0 should be available for download from our website in August.