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Sonic Innovations Expands Super Power Behing-the-Ear Hearing Aid Family

Endura™ 6 is added to Sonic Innovations' Endura™ product line

Salt Lake City - Sonic Innovations, Inc. recently expanded the Endura™ Super Power behind-the-ear (BTE) product line with the addition of the Endura™ 6 model. The company launched the Endura™ 12 model in April of this year. The new Endura™ 6 offering provides a secondary price point for the Endura™ brand.

"Endura™ hearing aids are designed to provide exceptional amplification for those suffering from severe to profound hearing loss. Building on the success of Endura™ 12 this year, we felt it was important to add a second price point," said Sonic Innovations President and COO Joe Lugara. "With the addition of Endura™ 6 to our family of products, we are now able to offer high quality, cutting-edge products in multiple price points for people with all levels of hearing loss."

Lugara added that with a maximum output of 140 dB SPL, Endura™ 6 provides enough power to fit even the most profound hearing loss. Endura™ 6 has features that include integrated direct audio input and Bluetooth connectivity when paired with the company's sonicBLU accessory. It also has adaptive directionality, digital noise reduction, three manual programs, six predefined listening environments, and data logging.

Sonic Innovations' other product lines include Touch™ (the smallest receiver-in-canal product available in the market), Velocity™ (premium to affordable hearing aids) and ion™ (open ear hearing aids). The Touch™ microRIC was named as the Best of Innovations Design and Engineering Awards winner at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show.

Sonic Innovations ( is a US-based manufacturer of hearing care solutions that provide exceptional patient benefit, unparalleled service, and superior quality. In conjunction with its distributor partners, Sonic Innovations has provided more than 1 million Sonic hearing instruments to patients around the globe. Sonic Innovations is a wholly owned subsidiary of William Demant Holding, which can be found online at You may also visit the Sonic Innovations web channel on Audiology Online.