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The World's Biggest Ear?

Tuesday 21st August 2007 -- Unique interactive show to be launched in York and Aberdeen.

To hear, do you need your brain? Or your ears? What happens when parts of the ear go wrong and why do people go deaf as they age? How can we fix these problems? Would you still be able to hear if we artificially replaced every part of your ear?

The Bionic Ear Show, which is being launched in York and Aberdeen in September, will answer all these questions and more.

Developed by Deafness Research UK, the show demonstrates in a fun and imaginative way how sound travels through the ear to the brain, what happens in different parts of the hearing system and how each part of the system can fail or "break down".

Deafness Research UK Chief Executive, Vivienne Michael says, "We are living in a noisy world where threats to hearing are increasing, particularly amongst young people. Unfortunately, the devastating effect hearing loss can have on people's lives is not widely appreciated. We want to raise awareness of the importance of hearing, how it can be damaged and what you can do to protect it.

"We hope that the Show will also help people understand what researchers are doing to develop new technologies and medical treatments for deafness and the great potential that exists to find cures."

The Bionic Ear Show is suitable for children and adults alike and ties in with key stages in the school curriculum.