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Unitron Hearing Introduces WiFi Mic

Advanced wireless technology helps to listen to speech from both sides

September 7, 2004 - Kitchener, ONTARIO - Unitron Hearing introduces WiFi Mic, a new digital wireless CROS/BiCROS system to address the specific concerns of asymmetrical and unilateral hearing loss.

WiFi Mic is a flexible hearing system offering the added benefits and features of advanced digital hearing instruments. For CROS clients, sounds are processed and transmitted using radio frequency from a wireless microphone on the nonhearing ear to a wireless receiver on the hearing ear. For BiCROS clients, the wireless receiver communicates to an advanced Liaison™ or Unison™ hearing aid, to amplify sound to compensate for the hearing loss.

With WiFi Mic, remote microphones mean no wires and a more discreet solution. For clients with bilateral hearing loss, WiFi Mic lets them choose when they want to engage BiCROS and when they require the added benefits of noise reduction, directional microphones or feedback management.

Unifit™ for WiFi Mic offers support resources ensuring an accurate, customized fit. Animated fitting-friendly resources address common concerns and questions and Unifit's intuitive interface makes selection and customization easier.

WiFi Mic is available in conjunction with Liaison™ and Unison™ 6, 3 and Essential, to offer the most desirable, flexible features and options found in today's digital hearing aids. More information on WiFi Mic is available on the Unitron Hearing web site at
. Contact your local Unitron Hearing sales representative for availability in your market.

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