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Unitron: Reimagined and Reinvented

Unitron Introduces World's First Crossover Hearing Instrument

Fully inside the ear, Fuse™ is the evolution of the open fit

October 20, 2009 - Kitchener, Ontario, Canada - Unitron today introduced the world's first crossover hearing instrument, Fuse™, which combines the most desirable attributes of ultra-small BTEs and CICs, along with new purpose-driven innovations. The ground-breaking hearing solution is open fitting, fully featured, and can be fit during a single consultation. At 45% less than the volume of a typical CIC, Fuse is almost completely concealed inside the ear.

"Fuse creates a new crossover category that is poised to change the hearing instrument landscape," said Unitron President and Chief Executive Officer, Cameron Hay. "The design is the direct result of Unitron's successful collaboration with our hearing healthcare professional customers and end users. It responds to their shared desire for a hearing instrument with the most advanced performance technologies, open-fit comfort, and a nearly invisible profile that fits deep in the canal."

Purpose-Driven Innovations Include Articulating Joint, Dual-Flow™ Vents

In developing the new crossover category, Unitron introduced a number of purpose-driven innovations. A revolutionary articulating joint eliminates pressure points by adapting with the ear canal as it moves during speech and while chewing and swallowing. The articulating joint also improves retention. In addition, Fuse wearers derive greater comfort from the naturally correct angles of the hearing instrument, and left ear and right ear versions.

"Key to the successful development of Fuse were complex 3D fit rate studies we conducted of more than 500 ear scans, plus extensive field trials to ensure an unparalleled rate of fitting success," explained Dr. Donald Hayes, Unitron's Director of Audiology. "This anatomically precise design translates into greater end-user acceptance while greatly reducing fitting time and fitting complexity."

Incorporating Unitron's innovative new dual-flow vents also contributes to Fuse's superior design, providing an occlusion-free fit that's still fully concealed in the canal. Two wide-open vents ensure a free flow of air while delivering natural sound and comfort. "Having two vents," added Dr. Hayes, "ensures that even if one should become plugged, one will remain open. This also has the effect of making the hearing instrument even less noticeable in the ear."

Choice of Technology Levels

Fuse is available in a choice of technology levels, including Unitron's premium hearing instrument, Passport™, and its most recent advanced introduction, Latitude™, in the Latitude 16™ and Latitude 8™ product lines. The no-compromise feature set includes smartFocus™ technology, self learning capabilities and automatic programs. Fuse is also compatible with Unitron's popular Smart Control remote.

Fuse will be available November 2009. Please contact your local representative for availability in your market.

About Unitron

Unitron is a global innovator of technologically advanced hearing instruments. We care deeply about people with hearing loss and work closely with hearing healthcare professionals to make advanced, purpose-driven solutions available to everyone. Headquartered in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, Unitron, a member of the Sonova Group, meets the needs of our customers through 16 international offices and through distributors in a further 53 countries.

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