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Helping Families Accept Technology

Jane Madell, PhD, CCC-A/SLP, ABA, LSLS Cert AVT

May 23, 2011

This is a transcript of the live seminar presented on March 18, 2011. To view the course recording, register here. In addition, this was one seminar in a week-long virtual conference entitled, Pediatr...   Read More


Pediatric Audiology - Case Review

Jane Madell, PhD, CCC-A/SLP, ABA, LSLS Cert AVT

June 21, 2010

Editor's note: This course is an edited transcript of a live expert e-seminar. To view the course recording, register here: /audiology-ceus/course/hearing-aids-children-aural-habilitation-children-hea...   Read More


Improving Communication and Counseling for Pediatric Audiology Evaluations

Cindy B. Pichler, AuD, CCC-A, FAAA

January 12, 2009

Why do so many pediatric audiologists seemed stressed? There are many reasons. One thing is undeniable: it is not an easy job. One specific reason is that it is often difficult for information to be o...   Read More


Assessment and Management of Minimal, Mild, and Unilateral Hearing Loss in Children

Anne Marie Tharpe, PhD

October 29, 2007

There has recently been a renewed interest in the topic of minimal and mild hearing loss in children. Although the term "minimal hearing loss" has not been standardized, the Bess, Dodd-Murphy, and Par...   Read More


Pediatric Audiological Diagnosis and Amplification

Alison M. Grimes, MA

August 6, 2007

Infant hearing loss is being diagnosed at an ever-decreasing age due to universal newborn hearing screening programs. It is important to have a careful plan for rapid, accurate, and comprehensive audi...   Read More


Connecting Families to the Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) Process

Karen Markuson Ditty, AuD, FAAA, CCC-A

May 21, 2007

Early hearing detection and intervention (EHDI) is the process of identifying infants at birth, or shortly thereafter, who have a hearing loss. It is the provision of appropriate intervention services...   Read More


Behavioral Verification of Speech Recognition Benefit for Children with FM Systems Coupled to Cochlear Implants

Linda K. Thibodeau, PhD, CCC-A/SLP

September 25, 2006

The options for interfacing frequency-modulated (FM) equipment with cochlear implants (CIs) are increasing with the development of new implant features and new FM options. Because traditional methods...   Read More


The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Audiologists Who Serve Children

Linda K. Thibodeau, PhD, CCC-A/SLP

June 5, 2006

With early identification of hearing loss, many children are benefiting from hearing technology prior to their first birthday. Research has shown that even children with a mild hearing loss or a unila...   Read More


HATs Aren't Just for Adults: Improving Communication Access in Childhood

Dawna E. Lewis, PhD

May 15, 2006

As a result of Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) programs, infants with hearing loss are being identified within the first few months of life. Once hearing loss has been identified, it i...   Read More


Fitting Hearing Aids to Babies: Three Things You Should Know

Susan Scollie, PhD

March 13, 2006

Today's pediatric audiologist has a goal to identify infants with hearing loss by 3 months, and initiate intervention by 6 months (Joint Committee on Infant Hearing, 2000). In many cases, we are succe...   Read More


Cochlear Implants — Considerations in Programming for the Pediatric Population

Jennifer Mertes, AuD, CCC-A, Jill Chinnici, MA, CCC-A

February 13, 2006

Cochlear implants are surgically implanted devices that provide electrical stimulation to the auditory system, which is perceived within the brain as sound. Cochlear implants (CIs) are typically progr...   Read More


Pediatrics & Advanced Hearing Aid Technology

Douglas Beck, AuD, Donald J. Schum, PhD

January 23, 2006

Hearing loss in children is the most common "birth defect" in the USA. ASHA (2005) reported prevalence of newborns with congenital hearing loss ranged from 1 to 6 children per thousand. NIDCD (2003) r...   Read More


Clinical Assessment of Speech Perception for Infants and Toddlers

Laurie S. Eisenberg, PhD, Karen C. Johnson, PhD, Amy S. Martinez, MA

September 12, 2005

Early onset of hearing loss can impose substantial delays in communication and psychosocial development unless immediate and appropriate intervention is undertaken. The most obvious consequence of pre...   Read More


Parent Infant Programs (PIP) & Preschool Education of Children with Hearing Impairment

Ananya Chatterjee, Srikantakr Mishra

November 1, 2004

District Center for Rehabilitation for the Persons with Disabilities Jalpaiguri, West Bengal, India The purpose of this study was to evaluate the impact of a parent infant program (PIP) on academic pe...   Read More


Using the Ling 6-Sound Test Everyday

Donna F. Smiley

May 3, 2004

Assistant Professor University of Central Arkansas Patti F. Martin, M.S., CCC-A Director of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Arkansas Children's Hospital Dee M. Lance, Ph.D., CCC-SLP Assistant...   Read More


Children with Cochlear Implants: Where Does Sign Language Fit In?

Debra Nussbaum, Susanne Scott

March 29, 2004

Cochlear Implant Education Center Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center, Gallaudet University Washington, D.C. Cochlear implant technology provides deaf children with "access" to sound. Observa...   Read More


Cochlear Implants: Optimizing Patient Benefit through Team Management and Family-Based Aural Rehabilitation

Linda Daniel, MA, AuD, MS

January 26, 2004

The professional staff of Dallas Otolaryngology Associates and HEAR In Dallas joined forces to form the Dallas Otolaryngology Associates Cochlear Implant (DOA-CI) Team. Together they provide assessmen...   Read More


Commentary on Pediatric Hearing Instrument Fitting Procedures: Honoring the Contributions of Denis Byrne

Richard Seewald, PhD

November 17, 2003

National Centre for Audiology The University of Western Ontario, London Ontario, Canada A version of this Commentary was previously published in Audiology Insight. Bernafon AG, 2003. In 1996, Denis By...   Read More


ADHD and Kids: What is going on?

Max Stanley Chartrand, PhD, BC-HIS

September 22, 2003

Editor's note: Although we don't usually publish ''op-ed'' material, this article presents compelling and important information, and I believe it is beneficial for all of us who work with, have, or we...   Read More


A Sound Foundation Through Early Amplification 2001 - Proceedings of the Second International Conference - Sponsored by Phonak

Richard Seewald, PhD, Judith Gravel

July 1, 2003

These articles have been published individually by section over the past 6 months on Audiology Online. This article provides a linked table of contents to all of the articles so that you can access th...   Read More


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