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Sizing Up Hearing Aids in the 21st Century: Is There Still Room for Improvement?

Jennifer Groth, MA, Dorea Ruggles, PhD, John Ellison, MS

August 11, 2020

Although hearing aids are unlikely to solve all hearing related issues, the positive effects of wearing hearing aids are well-documented and appreciated by users. This article discusses the status of...   Read More

ReSound Relief In-App Survey: Understanding How People with Tinnitus Use the App to Manage Sleep Behavior

Michael Piskosz, MS

April 6, 2020

To better understand user’s interactions with the ReSound Relief app, in regards to sleep behavior, an in-app survey was conducted and data analytics were analyzed.   Read More

The Power of the Demo: An Innovative Field Study Offers a New Perspective

Jennifer Schumacher, AuD, Meredith Buemi, AuD, Jennifer Groth, MA

August 26, 2019

Hearing care professionals can gain valuable insights to what their patients’ initial listening experiences might be like simply by listening to the hearing aids. In a novel experiment designed to p...   Read More


Tinnitus Management in the Digital Age: The Efficacy of ReSound Relief

Michael Piskosz, MS

June 10, 2019

This course will discuss the role that ReSound Relief can play in tinnitus management, as well as review data to show that it is an effective tinnitus management tool for those people struggling with...   Read More


ReSound Relief: Tinnitus Management in the Digital Age

Michael Piskosz, MS

November 19, 2018

It is challenging to provide appropriate tinnitus services relative to the number of people who are seeking help, and mobile apps could help fill the void. This paper discusses the clinically validate...   Read More


Evaluation of Modern Remote Microphone Technologies

Jace Wolfe, PhD, CCC-A

September 5, 2018

Using remote microphone technology is the most effective method to improve speech recognition in noise for hearing aid users, with a variety of different remote microphone solutions available today. I...   Read More


ReSound Advanced Technology: An Overview of Tinnitus Management

Michael Piskosz, MS

July 30, 2018

This course will provide an overview of the ReSound Tinnitus Management package. We will review tools such as the Relief app, Tinnitus Sound Generator, and how best to incorporate these tools into suc...   Read More


Hearing Ecosystems: How Hearing Professionals Can Meet the Needs of Today's Hearing Aid Users

Laurel A. Christensen, PhD, Tammy Stender, AuD

November 21, 2017

Hearing aids have limitations that mean they do not always offer optimum benefit. This article reviews evidence of how hearing aid accessories supplement hearing aid performance, and offers guidance o...   Read More


Introducing ReSound ENZO 3D

Tammy Stender, AuD

November 15, 2017

This course is an introduction to the new ReSound super power hearing instrument family: ReSound ENZO 3D, which brings the benefits of LiNX 3D to the super power market.   Read More

An Innovative and Cost Effective Approach to Wireless Remote Microphones in Schools

Megan Quilter, AuD, Neil Wright, AuD

October 2, 2017

This article reviews the use of Hearing Assistive Technology in educational settings and presents a cost-effective solution for usage of the most commonly recommended technology.   Read More


Introducing ReSound LiNX 3D: The Future of Smart Hearing

Laurel Christensen, PhD

August 7, 2017

I'm pleased to be able to introduce you to our latest product, ReSound LiNX 3D. Several years ago, we made a decision to go down a different wireless technology path than our competitors, and with goo...   Read More

ReSound Relief: A Comprehensive Tool for Tinnitus Management

Michael Piskosz, MS

June 23, 2017

The Resound Relief app is a comprehensive tool that addresses all aspects of tinnitus management, not just the sound therapy component. With regular updates and collaborations with key opinion leaders...   Read More

How Accurate are Environmental Classifiers in Hearing Aids?

Tao Cui, AuD, Jennifer Groth

April 21, 2017

All modern hearing aids with any kind of automatic functionality use analysis of the acoustic environment. The most basic is the compression system, which uses level detectors to determine how much ga...   Read More

Wireless Technology: Where Have We Been? Where Are We Now? Where Are We Going?

Stephen A. Hallenbeck, AuD

August 22, 2016

Within the last several years, many wireless technological advances have occurred within the hearing aid industry. These advances include the concept of near field magnetic induction, followed by Blue...   Read More


Hearing Aid Directionality with Binaural Processing

Jennifer Groth, MA

May 23, 2016

The fact that two ears are better than one is well-established. The human auditory system integrates information from both ears providing benefits in terms of loudness, localization, sound quality, no...   Read More

ReSound's Directional Philosophy

John Nelson, PhD

April 18, 2016

Dr. John Nelson: Today I will discuss how ReSound implements directional processing in our hearing aids. We know that directional hearing aids provide a significant benefit in laboratory settings. Whe...   Read More

What's in a Fitting? An Examination of Real World Fitting Protocols

Stephen A. Hallenbeck, AuD, Wendy Switalski, AuD

March 28, 2016

Professional organizations such as the American Academy of Audiology, the Independent Hearing Aid Fitting Forum and others have provided hearing care practitioners with protocols to standardize the he...   Read More

The Influence of Cognitive Factors on Outcomes with Frequency Lowering

Jennifer Schumacher, AuD

February 29, 2016

IntroductionSince frequency lowering technology has become commercially available in modern digital hearing aids, researchers have set out to determine what benefits this technology could provide hear...   Read More

The Next Generation in Smart Hearing

Laurel Christensen, PhD

May 18, 2015

Editor’s Note: This text course is an edited transcript of a live webinar. Download supplemental course materials.Dr. Laurel Christensen: Our learning objectives are that you will be able to de...   Read More

Hearing Aids: Not Just Four Components Anymore

John Nelson, PhD

February 2, 2015

Editor’s Note: This text course is an edited transcript of a live seminar. Download supplemental course materials here.Dr. John Nelson: The title of today's course is based on what I learne...   Read More