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Hearing Aids and Airport Security

Gus Hernandez, MA, FAAA

December 13, 2010

I think I've seen hearing aid user manuals mention not sending hearing aids through the airport x-ray machine, I assume to prevent damage to the microchip. Do they contain enough metal to set off the...   Read More

Is Feedback Optimization Always Necessary?

Gus Hernandez, MA, FAAA

December 21, 2009

When fitting open canal or Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) hearing aids, we see a large reduction in high frequency gain in comparison with other aids after running feedback optimization. This is seen even if...   Read More

Wireless FM Systems for Improving Understanding in Noise

Gus Hernandez, MA, FAAA

February 19, 2007

I have been informed that a wireless receiver might be useful to increase speech recognition. I have a pair of Siemens Triano hearing aids. Is there a wireless receiver that I can purchase for these h...   Read More


My Hearing Aids Set Off Store Security Alarms

Thomas A. Powers, PhD

April 17, 2006

I have been a hearing aid wearer for 15 years. I am currently testing some new models that communicate wirelessly from one ear to the other. I have noticed that a couple of brands have set off the sho...   Read More

Obtaining LDLs

Gus Hernandez, MA, FAAA

February 13, 2006

I obtain LDL measurements (loud but ok) using both speech and pure tones. The instructions are the same for both procedures. More often than not the patient has an LDL of 100 dB or so for pure tones b...   Read More

Articulation Index and Patient Expectations

Gus Hernandez, MA, FAAA

October 17, 2005

I have some patients with low hearing instrument satisfaction after 1 year of use. When I looked at their audiometry I found that they have a very low Articulation Index and their Word recognition was...   Read More

Polar Plots

Angela Pool, MS, FAAA

January 19, 2004

Regarding polar plots, can you please tell me the best application for each of them?   Read More

Digital Hearing Aids and Amplifiers

Angela Pool, MS, FAAA

December 22, 2003

If I order a 100% digital hearing aid, is that available as a class D, or are those 2 things mutually exclusive?   Read More

Directional Microphone Verification

Eric Branda, MS, CCC-A

March 17, 2003

My practice is a 'bare bones' practice. We do not have real ear equipment. Nonetheless, we would like to verify performance of directional microphones for our patients. How can we accomplish this?   Read More

High Tech Hearing Instrument Shells - 'LasR™

Lori Timmerman, MA, CCC-A

February 24, 2003

Please discuss ''LasR™'' hearing instrument shells, the technology, and please explain what benefits we should expect from this technology?   Read More


Does Counseling Matter?

Megan Carreras

January 27, 2003

How important and effective is one-on-one counseling? Does it really matter, and is it really worth the time? Do handouts help educate the patient or are they seen as sales tools, rather than as sourc...   Read More

Great Ear Impressions

Siemens Audiology Staff

December 16, 2002

An excellent impression is critical for a well fitting hearing instrument. The following tips will help insure a good fit, either for a new custom instrument or a remake.   Read More

Transcranial CROS Update

H. Gustav Mueller, PhD

September 16, 2002

Approximately 10 years ago there was quite a buzz about transcranial CROS hearing aid fittings. I haven't seen anything recently about this fitting. Do you have anything new regarding this type of fit...   Read More

Multiple Microphone Technology

Pam Burton

June 17, 2002

I just read about a three microphone hearing aid system. Please tell me about the three mic system, versus the two mic system, versus the one mic system? What are the differences between them and do t...   Read More

Directionality and WDRC

H. Gustav Mueller, PhD

February 5, 2001

How is directionality affected by hearing aids utilizing wide dynamic range compression?   Read More

Using Probe Mics to Measure Directionality

H. Gustav Mueller, PhD

January 24, 2001

How do you use probe microphone measures to assess the integrity of directional microphone hearing aids?   Read More

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