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Any Tips of the Trade for Audiology Equipment Service and Calibration?

Kris Phillips, Eric Melton, John Brewer, Robert Gray, Tom Crisman

September 5, 2016

Any “tips of the trade” for practice owners and audiologists when it comes to equipment service and calibration?   Read More

How Can I Make Patient Care and Office Workflows Most Efficient?

Lance Brown, Don Kim, AuD, Peter Kossek

August 1, 2016

How Can I Make Patient Care and Office Workflows Most Efficient?   Read More

What are the Benefits of Software Integration to an Audiology Practice?

Lance Brown, Jeanette Fitzke, AuD, Clement Sanchez

July 5, 2016

What are the benefits of software integration to an audiology practice?   Read More

What are Latest Developments in Technology for Newborn Hearing Screening (NHS)?

David Adlin, Randi Winston Gerson, AuD, Ron Saks

June 13, 2016

What are latest developments in technology for newborn hearing screening (NHS)?   Read More

Why is Early Detection of Hearing Loss Important?

Diane L. Sabo, PhD, Randi Winston Gerson, AuD, Ron Saks, David Adlin, Mona Dworsack-Dodge, AuD

May 2, 2016

Why is early hearing loss detection important, and does this concept only apply to pediatrics?   Read More


Can I Use a Binaural/Bilateral Procedure for cVEMP Testing?

Kamran Barin, PhD

April 11, 2016

I’m going to start performing cVEMP testing. Can I use a binaural/bilateral procedure?   Read More


How Can Audiologists Transition to an EMR-ready Practice?

Lance Brown, Angela Flores, AuD, CCC-A, FAAA, Don Kim, AuD

March 7, 2016

How can audiologists transition to an EMR (electronic medical record) ready practice?   Read More

Why is FDA Clearance of VEMP Testing Important to Balance Care Today?

Ian S. Curthoys, PhD, Faith Akin, PhD, Jill Craig

February 8, 2016

What is the significance of the FDA clearance of VEMP positional and oculomotor testing to balance care today?   Read More

What is VEMP and Why is it Important?

Jill Craig, Faith Akin, PhD, Ian S. Curthoys, PhD

January 11, 2016

What is VEMP (vestibular evoked myogenic potential) testing, and why is it important?   Read More

How Does AURICAL Support Tinnitus Assessment and Management?

Wendy Switalski, AuD

October 5, 2015

I'm thinking about adding tinnitus management services to my practice. How does AURICAL support tinnitus assessment and management?   Read More


Does AURICAL Support Pediatric Fitting?

Wendy Switalski, AuD, Mona Dworsack-Dodge, AuD

September 7, 2015

Does AURICAL support pediatric fitting?   Read More

How Does the Otometrics MADSEN Astera2 Support Tinnitus Management?

Clement Sanchez, Wendy Switalski, AuD

January 5, 2015

How does the Otometrics MADSEN Astera2 support tinnitus assessment and management?   Read More


How Would Results of Head Impulse Testing Change Clinical Management?

Kamran Barin, PhD, Wendy Crumley-Welsh, MS, CCC-A

July 22, 2013

How would results from the head impulse test change the clinical management of the patient?   Read More


Can you Give Examples of the Clinical Applications of Head Impulse Testing?

Kamran Barin, PhD, Wendy Crumley-Welsh, MS, CCC-A

May 6, 2013

Can you give some examples of the clinical applications of head impulse testing?   Read More


Verifying MPO with Open Fittings

Wendy Switalski

April 2, 2012

Loudness discomfort is not generally a problem for my patients using open fit hearing aids, as many of these aids have lower gain and output, however, every once in a while I have a complaint of loudn...   Read More

Using Probe Microphone Systems to Verify Open Fittings

Wendy Switalski

February 20, 2012

What is the best way to ensure my open fittings are truly open using my probe microphone system?   Read More

Normative Range for Peak Compliance on Tympanograms

Karen Morris, MS, CCC-A

December 5, 2011

I recently read an article stating the values for a Type A tympanogram are .2 to 2.5. Our clinic has been using .3 to 2.0 for Type A. What is the appropriate value for compliance for Type A tympanogra...   Read More

Upgrades for PC-based Audiometers

Amanda Cerka

February 14, 2011

Are upgrades possible with PC-based audiometers?   Read More


Trimming Eartips and ABR Responses

Jill Craig

January 10, 2011

We have a technician who trims the length of the eartips for infants so that they will sit better in a baby's ear with insert tubing. In infant screenings, she is just simply looking for the appearanc...   Read More


When Do You Use Masking for ABR?

Karen Morris, MS, CCC-A

June 21, 2010

Are there any rules when you should use masking when testing ABR, and how do you know how much masking to use? How does the masking noise affect the result?   Read More

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