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What Four Elements Should be Included in Marketing Ads of an Audiology Practice?

Kevin St. Clergy, MS

July 16, 2018



What four elements should be included in marketing ads of an audiology practice?


When a marketing add does not perform as well as you had hoped, don't blame the medium, blame the messaging first. 

There are key four elements that should be on every single ad that is distributed by your office. Number one, is a catchy headline. Number two is an interesting incentive that is reasonable for your office to offer. This step does not need to be extravagant. You just have to have some offer that motivates them to do something. A clear call-to-action with a set deadline is the third piece to a successful add. Lastly, testimonials or reviews given by current or previous patients can go quite a way. Of course, keep in mind the HIPAA guidelines regarding permission from patient's to use in testimonials. Online reviews are important as well. 

Using these four steps and comparing to marketing data you can begin taking a scientific approach to marketing your practice.


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kevin st clergy

Kevin St. Clergy, MS

Educated Patients, LLC

Kevin D. St.Clergy, M.S., started his career with a Master of Audiology degree from Lamar University in Beaumont, TX. For 8 ½ years he was the Director of Business Development for a large network of independent practices. His job duties included operational management, leadership and management training, executive coaching, as well as, patient management protocol development. Concurrently, he began to coordinate and teach at national and state Audiology conventions. In November of 2006 he started, which helps Audiologists with low-cost, high value marketing solutions. He also a successful author, publishing The Death of Audiology ( in 2008. His newest book, Audiology & The Art of War is being released in 2011.

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