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CareCredit Quick Tips to Attract New Patients #2 - 2019

What are the Top Three Strategies to Attract the Right Patients to Your Practice?

Kevin St. Clergy, MS

May 28, 2018



What are the top three strategies to attract the right patients to your practice?


Online marketing, database marketing and referral marketing. 

Online Marketing. A fatal marketing mistake practices make is they assume that they're marketing to themselves. When it comes to online marketing, the first phase is a direct response website. Looking at actual data on how a website is performing is vital. A goal of any website should be a phone call. To generate a new call from a potential patient is the golden standard with website traffic. It's to build trust, show the patient you care, and show them that you're not just after the sale. In essence, it is the beginning of the patient-provider relationship without ever meeting the person. If they trust you enough based on their impression of your website they will pick up the phone and call you. Once they are on your website, it is important to provide relevant and expert content (i.e., videos, articles). If you're going to have a presence online, you do have to position yourself as the expert. I highly recommend using quality content which can be original articles you have written. A quick strategy for content is to record "top 10" video clips. These short videos (e.g. 1-3 minutes) can be questions that patients ask you on a daily basis, and then encourage them to go back to your website to get access other information. In this way, you are providing your patients all the information that they need and frankly, deserve. 

If I can think of one thing that you take away from today, it's get more online reviews for your business. There is a correlation between online reviews and a practice's revenue growth. On average, when you receive approximately 20 Google reviews, most practices are growing anywhere from 10-30%. Not only that, but they're seeing better results from all their marketing. Data collected can improve your ability to make the best decisions for your practice. One of the things you want to measure on your direct response website is conversion rate. How many percent of the visitors that visit your website actually result in a phone call and an appointment? For high visibility, a website optimized for search engines is important. If you're not showing up on the search engines, patients can't find you when doing their research. Majority of our patients are online now which makes this a great opportunity.

Addressing a patient's concerns and anxieties on your website will give them confidence to seek help and may encourage them to contact you. A major concern for patients who are beginning their journey to better hearing is cost. CareCredit understands that cost is one of our patients' biggest concerns and could be a barrier for people to get the help that they need. If your practice offers financing, be sure to indicate that on your website so that potential patients know that support is available.

Database Marketing. This is a great way to connect with your community and can be fun! I recommend six or eight open houses, special events or consumer seminars a year. These events will gain exposure for your practice. 

Referral Marketing. A patient's referral is the best compliment you can receive. The key is to ask consistently. If you do not ask your patient's they are not likely to spread the word about your practice.  

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kevin st clergy

Kevin St. Clergy, MS

Educated Patients, LLC

Kevin D. St.Clergy, M.S., started his career with a Master of Audiology degree from Lamar University in Beaumont, TX. For 8 ½ years he was the Director of Business Development for a large network of independent practices. His job duties included operational management, leadership and management training, executive coaching, as well as, patient management protocol development. Concurrently, he began to coordinate and teach at national and state Audiology conventions. In November of 2006 he started, which helps Audiologists with low-cost, high value marketing solutions. 

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