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The Oticon Podcast Program - The Oticon Approach to Special Fitting Populations (Season Three)

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When Season 2 came to an end, a question was posed as to how hearing care professionals could distinguish themselves as the very knowledgeable caregiver. In this season, we will discuss our thoughts about how to approach challenging adult clinical populations – those patients who present with an auditory profile that is more complex than the typical patient. The material will be based on an examination of the assumptions we use when fitting hearing aids and, most importantly, the limits of those assumptions.

Episode 1: Assumptions about Prescribed Fittings: Standard fitting approaches are built on a foundation of assumptions. How those assumptions shape our fitting approaches deserve a second look.

Episode 2: Ski Fittings - Examining the Situation: The most common special population is ski-slope hearing loss. Digging into the nature of this classification shines a spotlight on our standard fitting assumptions.

Episode 3: Ski Fittings - Fitting Ideas: At Oticon, we have used a specific approach to these fittings for over 20 years. We will explain our thinking.

Episode 4: Rising Audiograms - Fitting Ideas: Although not common, these patients require a significant change in fitting mindset.

Episode 5: Irregular Audiograms - Fitting Ideas: We fit to usable hearing, not to an audiogram. These cases make a very specific point to consider.

Episode 6: Complex Etiologies - Fitting Ideas: Patients with complex medical etiologies can have a very poorly performing peripheral auditory system. But there are opportunities for success.

Episode 7: Asymmetrical Hearing Loss - An Alternative Fitting Approach: These cases force us to examine what we actually know about the binaural auditory system in the presence of hearing loss.

Episode 8: The Nature of Severe & Profound Hearing Loss: Understanding how severe damage will affect the perception of sound is essential to get the most out of the remaining hearing of the patient.

Episode 9: Severe Hearing Loss - Fitting Ideas: These patients call for some important changes to the way we fit nonlinear amplification.

Episode 10: The Playing Field: We round up Season 3 by discussing the mindset of Residual Capabilities.

Course created on April 10, 2019

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