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HearUSA - Newsweek - September 2023

Clinical Externship - CO (Golden, Greeley, Lone Tree, Montrose)

Golden, CO Greeley, CO Lone Tree, CO, Montrose, CO Greeley, CO

Golden, CO Greeley, CO Lone Tree, CO, Montrose, CO Greeley, COFull Time | Audiology Private Practice
Posted: November 25th, 2023


HearUSA is a leader in hearing health. We are on a mission to make hearing care simpler and more accessible than ever before, setting a new standard in modern hearing care. Our hearing center teams change lives by giving clients easy access to advanced hearing technology and outstanding care.

We are taking a stand and reducing the stigma around hearing loss. HearUSA is committed to our mission to change one million more lives in the next five years through Simply Excellent Hearing Care. As professionals, we’re redefining delivery of hearing care and helping more people take charge of their hearing health.

We draw on the expertise and hearing care services of more than 360 hearing centers across the U.S. HearUSA is also part of the WS Audiology (WSA) family, a global leader with over 11,000 employees in 125 markets and 2 global headquarters.


  • All responsibilities will be under supervision by a specified WS Audiology Audiologist Preceptor along with a close relationship with the Extern's University Program. The Extern will work closely with the Audiologist Preceptor.
  • Responsibilities include testing and diagnosis of hearing which may include: audiometry, immittance testing, tinnitus evaluations, optoacoustic emissions testing and vestibular evaluations.
  • All testing will be administered according to WS Audiology clinical best practice protocols and applicable state and federal laws.
  • Consult with Supervisor Preceptor and/or Clinical Educators for challenging fittings.
  • Evaluates test results to determine communication problems and make the most appropriate recommendations.
  • To achieve and maintain levels of professional statistics that are indicative of a high standard of patient care. 
  • To work within a team environment with other members of the center staff in achieving net revenue goals established by Regional and Main office management.
  • Maintain an expertise in the selling, fitting and troubleshooting of current hearing aid technology.
  • Maintain office appearance in conjunction with Patient Care Coordinator. Always consider the image of the office in the eyes of the patient. Office should be free of clutter and clean. All equipment should be used, including any sales tools provided by WS Audiology.
  • Comply with FDA guidelines and HEARUSA practice guidelines.
  • Maintain professional license and CEU requirements.


  • 2-3 years in Graduate Audiology Doctoral Program
  • The student will apply for temporary, provisional, limited, or training permit or license for hearing aid dispensing and/or audiology in the applicable state, as required by each individual state in which the student is placed.
  • Basic Microsoft Office Skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)
  • Ability to pay close attention to detail with a high degree of accuracy 
  • Ability to work quickly, accurately and independently in a fast paced environment
  • Basic or advanced written communication skills
  •  Ability to communicate detailed or technical information clearly, accurately and concisely 

Pay: $45,000+full benefits

Occupation Classification Requirements:

  • Audiologist
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