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Tyler, TX

Tyler, TXFull Time | Audiology Private Practice
Posted: November 25th, 2023

Position Description

Do you have the following qualities: Confidence, persistence, drive, ambition, sales experience, and a license to fit and dispense hearing aids? If you answered yes…then we want to meet you! We are seeking an individual who is not intimidated by a retail hearing aid commission-based sales position. We are seeking an individual that has interest in joining a high-energy group that is focused on earning success one interaction at a time. We are committed to processes and an environment that aid in positioning patients to release their problem to you. Each hearing healthcare professional works in a state of the art facility with cutting edge equipment and resources. This position will give you the opportunity to advance professionally AND financially.

Company Information

Livingston Hearing Aid Center (LHAC) is a 68 year old second generation family business that employs 38 audiologists and 42 fitters and dispensers in 89 locations throughout Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado.. LHAC is currently seeking a team member interested in a dispensing SALES position. We succeed at Livingston by creating an experience that comes to life, in large part, because of the way we treat our team members. We are not a hearing aid company selling people. We are a people company selling hearing aids.

Our Team

The people we work with do not embrace the status quo. We constantly push for reinvention. Our attitude and actions have great potential to make patients feel something. Delighted. Special. Proud. Grateful. Connected. Our Patient Care Coordinators (PCC) undergo an intensive screening process involving personality profile assessments, social style assessments, and emotional intelligent assessments to ensure we start with the right fit for our model. Each PCC receives regular phone support to ensure that they are maximizing every opportunity to get people in the door so that you have the opportunity to lift the burden of hearing impairment. Our leadership team is comprised of highly engaged individuals who are dedicated to coaching our entire staff of audiologists and hearing aid specialists not only on issues relating to the ear and hearing loss, but also testing and fitting techniques, as well as how to overcome patient objections.  LHAC is a direct to consumer organization that maintains an aggressive four tiered marketing plan which includes television, direct mail, newspaper, and internet. All of our marketing decisions are based on careful deliberation of empirical results in each individual and unique market. Our team thinks and speaks in positive words. We are a dedicated group and we work hard. We do what we say we are going to do and follow up. We sacrifice individual gain for the greater good. We continually pursue personal and professional development. We work to find the best way, not necessarily our own way. We genuinely show that we care. We attend to the details. We seek first to understand then to be understood. We serve with passion, purpose and excellence. We are Team LHAC.

Qualifications: License in audiology, license in fitting and dispensing hearing instruments, or eligible for licensure (audiology externs and temporary training permit holders will be considered), direct to consumer (customer) sales experience.

Key Competencies:

Direct to consumer (customer) sales experience

Strong relationship building and counseling skills

Receptivity and adaptability to change

Accountability and ownership; results oriented

Ability to work independently and as part of team

High initiative; creative contributor

Prioritizing, planning and organization

Multi-tasking with disciplined time management

Analytical; attention to detail; follow through

Proactive customer approach; patience/listening

Persuasive negotiating skills to influence outcomes

Professional written & verbal communication

Dynamic presentation skills


The compensation package includes a guaranteed salary, the earning potential which exceeds $100,000.00 in annual income, generous incentives for relocation, sign-on bonuses, all continuing education, health insurance, personal time off, and a 401K plan. There is so much more to share about the opportunity and I look forward to continuing the dialogue with any individual who might have interest in the position. If the timing is right in your life to consider this dynamic and challenging position, please contact me by email at or by phone at 806.789.1717.

Occupation Classification Requirements:

  • Audiologist OR
  • Hearing Aid Specialist
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Sales/Dispensing Audiologist


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