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Exam Preview

Introducing ReSound Assist and GN Online Services

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1.  The cloud-based interface between the hearing care professional and the patient is called:
  1. Smart 3D
  2. GN Online Services
  3. Smart Fit
2.  The benefits of ReSound Assist for patients include:
  1. Convenience
  2. Providing real-time feedback to their hearing care professionals
  3. Not having to rely on memory or a journal to communicate needed changes
  4. All of the above
3.  GN Online Services is represented by what color cloud?
  1. Orange
  2. Blue
  3. White
  4. Pink
4.  Which of the following statements about ReSound Assist is FALSE?
  1. To use ReSound Assist, hearing care professionals must register with GN Online Services.
  2. In Smart Fit, ReSound Assist is defaulted off.
  3. ReSound Assist can be enabled at any time during a first fit or subsequent fitting.
  4. ReSound Assist can be used to complete a first fit.
  5. The hearing care professional determines which patients can use ReSound Assist.
5.  To enable ReSound Assist in Smart Fit, the hearing care professional must:
  1. Log into Smart Fit.
  2. Enter username and password created in GN Online Services.
  3. Call Customer Care to receive permission to use.
  4. Both a & b are necessary.
6.  Before requesting remote assistance from their hearing care professional, it is recommended patients try:
  1. Dealing with it
  2. Using the Smart 3D app to make adjustments
  3. Returning their hearing aids
  4. Asking people to speak louder
7.  To initiate a remote service request, a patient needs to select what in Smart 3D?
  1. Sound Enhancer
  2. Home
  3. Connectivity
  4. My ReSound
8.  Besides remote fine tuning, what else can be installed by the patient using the Smart 3D app?
  1. New receivers
  2. Wax guards
  3. Hearing Aid Software Updates
  4. Batteries
9.  Which of the following statements about ReSound Assist remote fine tuning are true?
  1. The patient can return to their previous settings if they don't like a fine tuning package which was sent to them.
  2. The patient can add a personal message with their assistance request.
  3. The audiologist must respond to the assistance request within 2 hours after receiving it.
  4. A & B
10.  Remote Assist helps the audiologist fine tune a patients hearing instruments by which of the following:
  1. Observing gain changes which have been made by the patient in the Smart 3D app
  2. Observing advanced feature changes which have been made by the patient in the Smart 3D app
  3. Observing Datalogging in ReSound Smart Fit software.
  4. A & B
  5. All of the above

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