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Exam Preview

Apple iOS for the Hearing Professional

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1.  Which of the following information is available on the home screen of an iPhone?
  1. Cellular signal strength
  2. WiFi signal strength
  3. Battery indicator
  4. All of the Above
2.  On the home screen, what does the "gear" icon allow you to access?
  1. Settings
  2. Contacts
  3. TruLink App
  4. Camera
3.  From the Settings Screen, where would you go to verify what version on iOS is installed on the device?
  1. Cellular> cellular data
  2. General> software update
  3. About> name
  4. None of the above
4.  For the automatic / geotagging features of the TruLink App to work with the Halo devices, what iOS feature needs to be turned on?
  1. Music app
  2. Safari
  3. Location Services
  4. Calendar app
5.  From the General Settings screen, where do you navigate to sync the Halo devices to the Apple device?
  1. Accessibility> Hearing Aids
  2. Software update> Hearing Aids
  3. Bluetooth> devices
  4. Privacy> Devices
6.  With Halo devices connected, the physical buttons on the Apple device controls what?
  1. Hearing aid volume
  2. Volume of any streamed input to hearing aids
  3. Volume of phone calls only
  4. Volume of music only
7.  Within the Control Center, you can quickly turn on/off what wireless feature?
  1. Bluetooth
  2. Just the cellular network
  3. LTE
  4. 3G
8.  From the Control Center, the Airplay feature lets you select what?
  1. What type of wireless signal you want to use
  2. What version of iOS you use
  3. What volume setting you want for music
  4. Where you want the streamed signal to go; ex: hearing aids, car, bluetooth, ect
9.  In the Information / Notification Center, you can see what battery life information?
  1. Hearing aid and phone battery information
  2. How long it will take to charge the phone
  3. What type of hearing aid battery is needed
  4. All of the above
10.  From the Information / Notification Center, what can be added for a quick launch of TruLink?
  1. Apple Watch app
  2. General Settings app
  3. TruLink widget
  4. Find My Hearings Aids link

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