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Exam Preview

Rexton Connexx Fitting Software for the MotionCore Platform

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1.  Which statement is correct?
  1. My Voice is required for all fittings.
  2. My Voice is recommended for all fittings.
  3. My Voice is available for monaural and binaural fittings
  4. My Voice is available only for performance level 80 instruments.
2.  HiRes Soundpro is:
  1. Available for the 80, 60, & 40 performance levels on the M-Core platform
  2. Requires a binaural fit
  3. Backwards compatible with MyCore instruments
  4. All of the above
3.  The Snapshot function:
  1. Can be found in the top tool bar
  2. Allows for a comparison of settings within the session
  3. Is not saved once the session is closed
  4. All of the above
4.  To change the microphone settings you must:
  1. Deactivate Hi Resolution Soundpro
  2. Change the microphone settings in Program 1 - Automatic
  3. Add a new program and change the microphone settings there
  4. You cannot change the microphone settings
5.  You may use Hi Resolution Soundpro to address speech discrimination challenges by doing one of the following:
  1. Change the offset for low frequency to a more negative number under "Noise"
  2. Change Soundpro mode to "Natural Focus"
  3. Change Soundpro mode to "Speech Focus"
  4. Change Soundpro mode to "Balanced Focus"
6.  The first step when performing First Fit is:
  1. Select a fitting formula
  2. Select an experience level
  3. Select the receiver power
  4. Select the acoustical parameters
7.  To perform My Voice, the patient needs to:
  1. Slowly count from 21 at a normal voice
  2. Face away from reflective surfaces
  3. Be in a quiet room
  4. All of the above
8.  Hi Resolution Soundpro should be adjusted
  1. During First Fit
  2. While running My Voice
  3. On a follow up visit
  4. Should never be adjusted
9.  Hearing aids with telecoil must be set up with the following:
  1. A magnet for the phone so the telecoil is engaged automatically
  2. A telecoil program that will be manually activated
  3. A Bluetooth program
  4. A Xphone program
10.  Hi Resolution Soundpro takes complete control of the following features:
  1. Noise reduction
  2. Microphone settings
  3. Sound smoothing
  4. Wind noise cancellation

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