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Exam Preview

Introduction to ReSound Smart Fit

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1.  Where is Phone Accessories located in the SmartFit software?
  1. Under Fitting (red ribbon)>Advanced Features (white ribbon).
  2. Under Patient (red ribbon)>Profile (white ribbon)
  3. Under Instruments (red ribbon)>Physical Properties (white ribbon)
  4. Under Summary (red ribbon)>Clinician Report (white ribbon)
2.  The default for patient experience level in SmartFit is ____.
  1. First Time User
  2. Comfort User
  3. Exp. Non-linear
  4. Exp. Linear
3.  The Receiver Detection feature recognizes _____________?
  1. Right vs. Left device
  2. Length of the receiver
  3. Power level of the receiver
  4. All of the above
4.  Where is ReSound Assist located in the Smart Fit software?
  1. Under Tools on the Gain Adjustment screen
  2. Fitting (black ribbon)>Autorelate
  3. The drop down menu of any program selected
  4. Patient (red ribbon)>ReSound Assist (white ribbon)
5.  What items can now be found on the Patient Profile Screen?
  1. Target Rule and Gain Level %
  2. Instruments and Program Options
  3. Volume Control and Gain Adjustments
  4. Patient Experience Level and Push Button Control
6.  Where do you find Reorder Programs in Smart Fit?
  1. On the sidebar under patient’s name
  2. In the Advanced Features screen
  3. Fitting screen under the TOOLS drop down
  4. All of the above
7.  What happens when the mouse hovers over a feature?
  1. Displays a description of the feature
  2. Takes you to the Feature Demo Player
  3. Pairs instruments to an iPhone
  4. Makes an adjustment
8.  Where can the mute/unmute push button function be activated?
  1. Device Controls
  2. Advanced Features
  3. Gain Adjustments
  4. Environmental Optimizer
9.  Fine-Tuned gain adjustments will be preserved when:
  1. Gain Level (%) is unchanged
  2. Gain Level (%) is changed
  3. When feedback is present
  4. None of the above
10.  When should you calibrate DFS Ultra III?
  1. Whenever you change the dome/vent/coupler
  2. Only when feedback is present
  3. Only at the 2nd visit
  4. None of the above

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