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Interview with Jerry Ruzicka, President, Starkey Laboratories

Jerry Ruzicka

June 16, 2008

Zon hearing instrument series   Read More

Interview with Bill Austin, Starkey Hearing Foundation and Gyl Kasewurm, Audiologist

Bill Austin, Gyl Kasewurm, AuD

October 8, 2007

Topic: The Starkey Hearing Foundation "Don't Say What" Campaign   Read More


Interview with Jerry Ruzicka, President, Starkey Laboratories

Jerry Ruzicka

June 18, 2007

Topic: Destiny 1600 and Integrated Real Ear.   Read More

Interview with Melody Martin, Au.D., Ph.D., Owner, Martin Audiology

Melody Martin, AuD, PhD

March 5, 2007

Topic: Texas Jam, EarStore and LACE   Read More


Interview with Mickey & Jan Rooney

Mickey Rooney, Jan Rooney

June 26, 2006

Topic: The Starkey Hearing Foundation & Protecting Your Hearing!   Read More


Interview with Senator John Glenn, Astronaut & US Senator

Senator John Glenn

June 12, 2006

Topic: Spaceflight Research & The John Glenn Institute for Public Service and Public Policy   Read More


Interview with Wencel "Chum" Bohr, WWII Veteran and B29 Gunner

Wencel Bohr

May 29, 2006

Topic: B29 Bombers and Hearing Loss Due to Noise Exposure   Read More


Interview with the Vardon Family

The Vardon Family

May 8, 2006

Topic: Extreme Home Technology!   Read More

Interview with Lou Ferrigno, Two-Time Mr. Universe and TVs "The Hulk"

Lou Ferrigno

April 3, 2006

Topic: How to Wear One Hearing Aid, Digital Aids and Wireless Technologies   Read More


Interview with Marion Ross, Mrs. Cunningham from Happy Days

Marion Ross

February 27, 2006

Topic: Communication Strategies for Persons with Hearing Loss   Read More

Interview with Jerry Yanz, Ph.D., Senior Trainer, Starkey Laboratories

Jerry Yanz, PhD, FAAA

October 24, 2005

Topic: Wireless Solutions From Starkey Laboratories   Read More


Interview with Brent Edwards, Ph.D., Executive Director, Starkey Hearing Research Center, Berkeley, California

Brent Edwards, PhD

September 26, 2005

Topic: The NEW Starkey Hearing Research Center   Read More


Interview with Brandon Sawalich, VP Sales and Marketing, Starkey Laboratories

Brandon Sawalich

August 29, 2005

Topic: Helping Patients Acquire the Best Value for Their Specific Hearing Needs   Read More

Interview with Hal Linden TV Star, "Song & Dance Man", Hearing Aid Wearer

Hal Linden

May 23, 2005

Topic: Hearing Loss Issues   Read More


Interview with George Kennedy Actor & Movie Star

George Kennedy

May 2, 2005

Topic: Movies, Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids   Read More


Interview with J.K. Switzer Lt. Colonel, USAF (ret)

J.K. Switzer

February 7, 2005

Topic: Flying Jets, Hearing and Hearing Loss   Read More


Interview with Peter Graves and Joan Graves

Peter Graves, Joan Graves

January 24, 2005

Topic: Issues in Hearing and Leaf Blowers!   Read More


Interview with Lou Ferrigno Mr. Universe, and TVs "The Hulk"

Lou Ferrigno

January 17, 2005

Topic: Hearing Aids, Hearing Loss and Body Building!   Read More


Interview with Johnny Rutherford THREE TIME WINNER of the Indianapolis 500 and Hearing Aid Wearer

Johnny Rutherford

January 3, 2005

Topic: Winning, Racing and Hearing Aids   Read More


Interview with Marlee Matlin Actress and Academy Award Winner

Marlee Matlin

October 18, 2004

Topic: An Academy Award Winner's Thoughts: Hearing Aids and Hearing Loss   Read More

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