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Hear what industry-leading experts are saying about the latest topics.

Interview with Kathy Costa, Product Manager, Oticon

Kathy Costa

September 14, 2009

Topic: Oticon ConnectLine   Read More


Interview with Jim Kothe, Vice President of Sales, Oticon US

Jim Kothe

December 8, 2008

Topic: Dual Hearing Instruments   Read More

Interview with Don Schum, Ph.D., Vice President of Audiology and Professional Relations, Oticon USA

Donald J. Schum, PhD

May 19, 2008

Topic: What is New with Epoq?   Read More

Interview with Donald Schum, Ph.D., Vice President, Audiology & Professional Relations, Oticon USA

Donald J. Schum, PhD

July 9, 2007

Topic: RISE Platform and Release of Epoq   Read More


Interview with Jim Kothe M.S., VP of Sales, Oticon, Somerset, New Jersey

Jim Kothe

March 21, 2005

Topic: E-Caps (Electronic Caps), Counseling and Aural Rehabilitation Tools   Read More


Interview with Graham Naylor Ph.D., Research Director, Eriksholm Research Center, Denmark

Graham Naylor, PhD

March 7, 2005

Topic: Hearing Aid Research, Innovation and Possibilities   Read More

Interview with Niels Jacobsen President & CEO of Oticon International, and President & CEO of William Demant Holdings

Niels Jacobsen

February 14, 2005

Topic: The Hearing Aid Industry: 2005   Read More


Interview with Mark Flynn Ph.D., Oticon, Denmark

Mark Flynn, PhD

January 24, 2005

Topic: Smart Hearing Aids & Combining Cochlear Implants and Hearing Aids   Read More


Interview with Claus Nielsen Oticon Research Center - Eriksholm, Denmark

Claus Nielsen

December 13, 2004

Topic: Oticon Museum, History, Research and Eriksholm   Read More


Interview with Mikael Worning President, Oticon Inc., Somerset, New Jersey

Mikael Worning

October 25, 2004

Topic: People First - Employees, Professionals and Students   Read More

Interview with Gordon Wilson Vice President of Marketing, Oticon, USA

Gordon Wilson

August 2, 2004

Topic: SYNCRO Launch and Attributes   Read More

Interview with Mikael Worning President of Oticon - USA

Mikael Worning

October 13, 2003

Topic: Profile and Perspectives   Read More

Interview with Don Schum Ph.D., Vice-President for Audiology and Professional Relations. Oticon, USA

Donald J. Schum, PhD

September 1, 2003

Topic - Non-linear amplification for severe and profound hearing loss   Read More

Interview with Maxine J. Sutcliffe Ph.D., Director of Cytogenetics and Molecular Cytogenetics, All Children's Hospital

Maxine J. Sutcliffe, PhD

July 7, 2003

  Read More


Interview with Gordon Wilson Vice-President of Marketing, Oticon Inc. USA

Gordon Wilson

June 30, 2003

  Read More

Interview with Claire Kantor Executive Director, Summit Speech School

Claire Kantor

November 25, 2002

  Read More


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