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Interview with Richard Seewald Ph.D., Audiologist, Creator of 'DSL'

Richard Seewald, PhD

October 8, 2001

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Interview with David Sawyer VP of Marketing, Siemens Hearing Solutions

David Sawyer

October 1, 2001

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Interview with Steve Hawkins and Pamela Matthews Audiologists with SOUNDTEC Inc., Manufacturer of Middle Ear Implants

Steve Hawkins, Pamela Matthews

September 24, 2001

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Interview with Patrick Henry FM Products Manager, Phonak, Warrenville, Illinois

Patrick Henry

September 17, 2001

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Interview with Geoff Ball Founder of Symphonix and Wearer of Two Middle Ear Implants

Geoffrey R. Ball

April 17, 2001

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Interview with Sally Balch Hurme J.D., Office of Consumer Protection, AARP

Sally Balch Hurme, JD

January 22, 2001

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Interview with Mike Jones President, Phonak Inc.

Mike Jones

December 19, 2000

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Interview with Rick Gilbert General Manager, Ear Technology Corporation

Rick Gilbert

December 4, 2000

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Interview with Deborah Arthur M.A., F-AAA, Gary Saxton and Kirk Davis Symphonix Devices, Inc.

Deborah Arthur, MA, FAAA, Gary Saxton, Kirk Davis

October 23, 2000

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Interview with Robert Sweetow Ph.D., Clinical Professor, Dept. Of Otolaryngology, Director of Audiology, University of California

Robert W. Sweetow, PhD, FAAA

October 13, 2000

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Interview with Fred Fritz MBA, President, Songbird Medical Inc.

Fred Fritz, MBA

October 11, 2000

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Interview with Wendy Davis M.S., AVR Sonovation

Wendy Davis, MS

July 26, 2000

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Interview with Michael Nilsson Ph.D., Sr. Research Associate, Sonic Innovations, Inc.

Michael Nilsson, PhD

July 3, 2000

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Interview with Bernice Dinner Ph.D., Founder, Hear Now

Bernice Dinner, PhD

June 13, 2000

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Interview with Paul Thompson Chief Operating Officer, Unitron Hearing

Paul Thompson

May 24, 2000

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Interview with Peter Van Nest President, Bernafon Maico Inc.

Peter Van Nest

April 23, 2000

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