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Unitron Celebrates 50 Years – A Look at its History and What’s Next

Jan Metzdorff

July 28, 2014

Interview with Jan Metzdorff   Read More

The Association of Adult Musicians with Hearing Loss

Wendy Cheng

June 23, 2014

Interview with Wendy Cheng, Founder AAMHL   Read More


Frequently Asked Questions About SoundRecover

Christine Jones, AuD, CCC-A

June 2, 2014

Interview with Christine Jones, AuD   Read More


Introducing Nano RITE, Flip40, and New Wireless Connectivity Options from Sonic

Kathy Landon

May 19, 2014

Interview with Kathy Landon, VP Branding & Professional Services, Sonic   Read More

Oticon's ConnectLine App Connects to iPhone® Through Upgraded Streamer Pro

Søren Nielsen

May 12, 2014

Interview with Søren Nielsen   Read More


Introducing Charm Standard IIC from Sonic, a New Instant Fit Solution for Mild to Moderate Hearing Loss

Kathy Landon

April 28, 2014

Interview with Kathy Landon, Vice President of Branding & Professional Services, Sonic Innovations   Read More

New Products and Programs from Siemens to Improve Patient Care and Grow Your Practice

Alina Urdaneta, Eric Branda, AuD

April 21, 2014

Interview with Alina Urdaneta and Eric Branda, Siemens Hearing Instruments   Read More


Introducing Lyric 3, Phonak’s Tinnitus Program & Other Practice Development Opportunities

Maarten Barmentlo, Bryan Holmes

April 21, 2014

Interview with Maarten Bartmentlo and Bryan Holmes   Read More


New Products and Practice Development Opportunities from Unitron

Steve Savage, Jason Mayer

April 14, 2014

Interview with Steve Savage and Jason Mayer   Read More

Hearing Industry Trends, Oticon, and People First: A 40-year Perspective

Peer Lauritsen

March 31, 2014

Interview with Peer Lauritsen, President of Oticon, Inc.   Read More

Introducing ReSound LiNX, Made for iPhone Hearing Aid

Laurel Christensen, PhD

March 24, 2014

Interview with Laurel Christensen, PhD   Read More

Can Hearing Aids Affect Cognition? New Research from Starkey

Brent Edwards, PhD

March 17, 2014

Interview with Brent Edwards, PhD   Read More

Introducing Oticon RIA

Sheena Oliver, AuD, MBA

March 3, 2014

Interview with Sheena Oliver   Read More

Widex President Discusses Hearing Industry Challenges, Opportunities

Rodney Schutt

January 20, 2014

Interview with Rodney Schutt   Read More

Hearing Aid Reliability and IP Ratings: Fact v. Fiction

Jennifer Groth, Torben Groth

January 13, 2014

Interview with Torben Groth and Jenny Groth, ReSound   Read More


Esteem Hearing Implant from Envoy Medical

Brent Lucas, Liz Anderson, PhD

December 2, 2013

Interview with Brent Lucas and Liz Anderson, Envoy Medical   Read More


Siemens Hearing Instruments – New Products, Fall 2013

Eric Branda, AuD

November 18, 2013

Interview with Siemens, Eric Branda, AuD   Read More


Introducing Phonak Sky Q and Roger Pen

Angela Pelosi, Hans E. Mülder

November 11, 2013

Interview with Angela Pelosi and Hans Mülder, Phonak AG   Read More


New Leadership at Unitron US!

Steve Savage, Jason Mayer

October 21, 2013

Interview with Steve Savage and Jason Mayer, Unitron US   Read More

Introducing Sonic Charm and an All-New Website!

Kathy Landon

October 7, 2013

Interview with Kathy Landon   Read More

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