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Interview with Bryan Holmes and Dr. Jacob Johnson

Bryan Holmes, Jacob Johnson, MD

September 16, 2013

Topic: Update on Lyric Extended-Wear Hearing Devices   Read More

Interview with Jennifer Groth and Torben Groth, ReSound

Torben Groth, Jennifer Groth

August 19, 2013

Topic: Hearing Aid Battery Life - Is it Getting Better or Worse?   Read More


Interview with Charley Feeley & Paul Jackson, SeboTek

Charley Feeley, Paul Jackson

July 15, 2013

Introducing HD2, and OEM and Distributor Opportunities with SeboTek   Read More

Interview with Jerry Yanz, PhD and Margaret Bandkau, MBA, MA Audiologist, Hansaton

Jerry L. Yanz, PhD, Margaret Bandkau, MBA, MA

July 8, 2013

Topic: Benefits of the New XearA Platform from Hansaton   Read More

Interview with Bill Dickinson, AuD, Vice President of Audiology, Phonak US

Bill Dickinson, AuD

June 17, 2013

Topic: Phonak’s Commitment to Evidence-Based Research   Read More


Interview with Kimberly S. Herman, President, ReSound

Kimberly S. Herman

June 10, 2013

Topic: ReSound Moments   Read More

Interview with Elizabeth Galster, AuD, Research Audiologist, Starkey Hearing Technologies

Elizabeth A. Galster, AuD

June 3, 2013

Topic: Starkey’s Xino Tinnitus – Development and Clinical Trial Results   Read More


Interview with Unitron’s Global President and US President on the New Flex Business Solution

Jan Metzdorff, Rodney Schutt

May 13, 2013

Topic: Unitron Flex™ Offers Proven Program for Device Trials and Upgrades   Read More

Interview with Maarten Barmentlo, Group Vice President Marketing, Phonak

Maarten Barmentlo

May 6, 2013

Topic: Phonak Spring Launch: Quest, Audéo Q, Tinnitus Balance, and Naída Q   Read More


Interview with Alina Urdaneta, Vice President of Marketing and Training, and Eric Branda, Au.D., Senior Manager of Product Management, Siemens Hearing Instruments

Alina Urdaneta, Eric Branda, AuD

May 6, 2013

Topic: Siemens Update - Additions to the micon Family, Active Kids & Teens Portfolio and a New App!   Read More


Interview with Charles Stone, AuD, Founder and Executive Chairman, ESCO

Charles R. Stone, AuD

April 22, 2013

Topic: How Hearing Aid Warranties Can Increase Revenue and Patient Loyalty   Read More


Interview with Kathy Landon, Vice President Branding and Professional Services, Sonic

Kathy Landon

April 15, 2013

Topic: The Value of Sonic   Read More

Interview with Sheena Oliver, Vice President of Marketing, Oticon

Sheena Oliver, AuD, MBA

March 11, 2013

Topic: Introducing Oticon Alta!   Read More

Interview with John Cariola, AuD, Director of Product Management, Beltone

John Cariola

February 18, 2013

Topic: iPhone® Direct Phone Link 2 and the SmartRemote™ app   Read More

Interview with Kathy Landon, Vice President, Brand and Professional Services, Sonic

Kathy Landon

January 28, 2013

Topic: Introducing Sonic Bliss   Read More

Interview with Jerry Yanz, PhD, Director of Audiology, Hansaton

Jerry L. Yanz, PhD

December 31, 2012

Topic: New Products from Hansaton!   Read More

Interview with John Cariola, Au.D., Director of Product Management, Beltone

John Cariola, AuD

December 3, 2012

Topic: Introducing Beltone Promise™ and Beltone micro-Invisa™   Read More

Interview with Alina Urdaneta and Eric Branda, Au.D., Siemens Hearing Instruments

Alina Urdaneta, Eric Branda, AuD

November 19, 2012

Topic: Introducing Siemens micon™   Read More

Interview with Brian Tsuchiya, Jennifer Carlson, and Vince Maye, ReSound

Vince Maye, Brian Tsuchiya, Jennifer Carlson

November 12, 2012

Topic: Introducing ReSound Verso IIC   Read More

Interview with Gregory J. Artz, MD, Neurotologist and Assistant Professor, Thomas Jefferson University

Gregory Artz

October 8, 2012

Topic: Medical Advances in Bone Conduction Implantation, and Pre- and Post-surgical Patient Management   Read More


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