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Interview with Eric Sumner, Vice President of Sales, Unitron US

Eric Sumner

January 17, 2011

Topic: Unitron Updates and Advancements   Read More


Interview with Anton Hedström, Product Manager, Oticon Medical

Anton Hedström

January 17, 2011

Topic: Ponto and Ponto Pro - New Features, New Research   Read More


Interview with Peter Weber, M.D. & Eric Wilkinson, M.D.

Eric Wilkinson, MD

December 13, 2010

Topic: The New Cochlear™ Baha® 3 System   Read More


Interview with Robin Donham, Au.D., Interton

Robin Donham, AuD

November 1, 2010

Topic: Interton Scope 4 and Scope 6   Read More

Interview with Sheena D. Oliver, Au.D., MBA, Vice President of Marketing, Oticon

Sheena D. Oliver, AuD, MBA

October 4, 2010

Topic: Evidence-based Marketing, Connectivity, Empowering Patients and More   Read More


Interview with John Cariola, Au.D., Director of Product Management, Beltone

John Cariola, AuD

September 27, 2010

Topic: Beltone True™ Hearing Instrument Family   Read More

Interview with Laurel Christensen, Ph.D., Chief Audiology Officer, ReSound

Laurel Christensen, PhD

September 20, 2010

Topic: Introducing ReSound Alera™   Read More

Interview with Bill Christman, Product Manager, Unitron

Bill Christman, MA, CCC-A

September 20, 2010

Topic: Tandem™ CROS/BiCROS system   Read More

Interview with Denis Carpenter, Jeff Poirer, Randy Raymond, and Ann Rule, Rayovac

Denis Carpenter, Jeff Poirer, Randy Raymond, Ann Rule

August 23, 2010

Topic: Mercury Free Hearing Aid Batteries   Read More


Interview with Michael Piskosz, M.S., Global Audiologist, ReSound

Michael Piskosz, MS

August 9, 2010

Topic: ReSound Live™TS   Read More


Interview with Oaktree Product's Sassy B. Kemp

Sassy B. Kemp

August 2, 2010

Topic: The Dog Days of Summer - Key Products Every Hearing Care Professional Should Know About   Read More


Interview with Jes Olsen, CEO, Oticon Medical

Jes Olsen

July 19, 2010

Topic: Oticon Medical and Ponto™ Bone Anchored Hearing Systems   Read More


Interview with Alexander Zschokke, Group Vice President of Channel Solutions and Marketing, Sonova

Alexander Aschokke

July 12, 2010

Topic: Sonova's Acquisition of HearingPlanet   Read More


Interview with Thomas Powers, Ph.D., Vice President for Compliance and Audiology, Siemens Hearing Instruments

Thomas A. Powers, PhD

June 14, 2010

Topic: Siemens BestSound Technology and Other New Innovations   Read More

Interview with Cameron Hay, President & CEO, Unitron

Cameron Hay

June 7, 2010

Topic: Product Innovations, Clinical Efficacy and Nearly Half a Million Downloads   Read More

Interview with Jerry Yanz, Director of Audiology, Hansaton Acoustics

Jerry Yanz, PhD, FAAA

May 17, 2010

Topic: Hansaton Rechargeable Hearing Aids   Read More

Interview with Sam Westover, Chairman & CEO, Sonic Innovations, & Kathy Landon, VP Products & Marketing, Sonic Innovations

Sam Westover, Kathy Landon

May 10, 2010

Topic: Sonic Innovations Product Portfolio: Design, Technology, Awards and more   Read More


Interview with Michael Nilsson, Vice President of Auditory Research, International Training, & Director, Center for Amplification and Hearing Research, Sonic Innovations

Michael Nilsson, PhD

April 12, 2010

Topic: Introducing Endura™, New Super Power BTE from Sonic Innovations   Read More

Interview with Jon Anderson, Principal, J Analytic

Jon Anderson

March 22, 2010

Topic: Hearing Instruments 2010 - Baby Boomers, Bottlenecks and Boosting Growth   Read More


Interview with Robin Donham, Au.D., National Product Training Manager, Interton

Robin Donham, AuD

March 8, 2010

Topic: Interton's DASH   Read More