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Interview with Thomas Powers, Ph.D., Vice President for Compliance and Audiology, Siemens Hearing Instruments

Thomas A. Powers, PhD

February 15, 2010

Topic: New Releases from Siemens - Motion® 100 MX, Nitro® SP, and the Explorer® 500M   Read More

Interview with Ann Rule, Rayovac Marketing Manager

Ann Rule

February 15, 2010

Topic: Rayovac's Hearing Professional of the Year   Read More


Interview with Stephen Coulson, Ph.D., Chief Technical Officer, P2i, Inc.

Stephen Coulson, PhD

February 1, 2010

Topic: Aridion™, New Liquid-Repellent Nano-coating Technology for Hearing Instruments   Read More

Interview with Robert W. Sweetow, Ph.D.

Robert W. Sweetow, PhD, FAAA

January 25, 2010

Topic: Audiologic Rehabilitation - Virtual Conference   Read More


Interview with John Luna, Vice President of Sales, Unitron

John Luna

January 18, 2010

Topic: FUSE™ - New Crossover Hearing Instrument Combining Best of CICs and Open-fit BTEs   Read More

Interview with Robert Eastman, President of Hansaton U.S.

Robert Eastman

January 11, 2010

Topic: Why Hansaton?   Read More

Interview with Tammy Zirke, Audiology/Tech Support, Bernafon

Tammy Zirke

December 14, 2009

Topic: ChannelFree™ Amplification, Hearing Aid Colors for Football Season, and Some Interesting Things You May not Know About Bernafon   Read More

Interview with Bill Christman, Product Manager, Unitron

Bill Christman, MA, CCC-A

November 23, 2009

Topic: Introducing Passport™ Premium Hearing Instruments   Read More

Interview with Jim Feeley and Mike Feeley, Founders of Sebotek

Jim Feeley, Mike Feeley

October 26, 2009

Topic: Receiver-in-the-Canal Technology: Past, Present and Future   Read More

Interview with Douglas P. Hart, Ph.D., Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Douglas P. Hart, PhD

October 12, 2009

Topic: 3D Ear Canal Measurements   Read More


Interview with Laurel Christensen, Ph.D., Vice President, Research and Development, GN ReSound Group

Laurel Christensen, PhD

September 28, 2009

Topic: Introducing ReSound Live™   Read More

Interview with Michael Orscheln, President and CEO, Phonak Hearing Systems

Michael Orscheln

September 21, 2009

Topic: Collaboration, Service and the $64,000 Question   Read More

Interview with Kathy Costa, Product Manager, Oticon

Kathy Costa

September 14, 2009

Topic: Oticon ConnectLine   Read More


Interview with Shawnae Jebbia, Miss USA 1998

Shawnae Jebbia

August 10, 2009

Topic: Inspiring Others to Seek Early Treatment for Hearing Loss   Read More


Interview with Don Hayes, Ph.D., Director of Audiology, Unitron

Donald Hayes, PhD

August 3, 2009

Topic: uHear™ - iPhone™ and iPod touch® Hearing Screening Application   Read More


Interview with Dr. Pam Burton, Siemens Hearing Instruments, & James Cudo

Pam Burton

July 13, 2009

Topic: Educating the Public on Hearing Health   Read More


Interview with Carole Rogin and Andy Bopp of Hearing Industries Association

Carole Rogin

June 15, 2009

Topic: Hearing on the Hill, the Hearing Aid Tax Credit and What YOU Can Do   Read More


Interview with Christi Pedra, CEO of Siemens Hearing & Nancy Ivester Fitzpatrick, Deputy Executive Director, Quota International

Christi Pedra, Nancy Ivester Fitzpatrick

June 1, 2009

Topic: Siemens Hearing & Quota International's Sound Beginnings Partnership   Read More


Interview with Sam Westover, Chairman & CEO, Sonic Innovations

Sam Westover, Kathy Landon

May 18, 2009

Topic: 'Sound is Touch at a Distance'; Introducing Sonic Touch™   Read More

Interview with Cameron Hay, President & CEO, Unitron

Cameron Hay

May 11, 2009

Topic: Unitron's New Identity - Connecting with Purpose   Read More

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