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Getting the Most from Hearing Aid Batteries: Expert Insight from Rayovac

Denis Carpenter, Jenna Rebout

May 11, 2015

Interview with Denis Carpenter and Jenna ReBout, Rayovac   Read More

Phonak Bolero V - Features and Benefits

Bill Dickinson, AuD, Martin Grieder

May 4, 2015

Interview with Martin Grieder and Bill Dickinson, Phonak   Read More

Hearing Care is Health Care

Søren Nielsen

April 27, 2015

Interview with Soren Nielsen, Oticon   Read More


University of Pittsburgh Teaching Conference, June 11 - 13, 2015

Catherine Palmer, PhD

April 24, 2015

Interview with Catherine Palmer, PhD   Read More

New Oticon Medical Streamer and Oticon ConnectLine App Enable Seamless Wireless Connectivity for Bone-Anchored Wearers

Alan Raffauf, MA

April 20, 2015

Interview with Alan Raffauf, Oticon Medical   Read More

Unitron Focuses on the Patient Experience and Provider-Patient Relationship, with Solutions to Empower and Inform

Bruce Brown, Jason Mayer

April 13, 2015

Interview with Bruce Brown and Jason Mayer, Unitron   Read More

Sivantos Update: audibene, New binax Updates and More

Alina Urdaneta, Eric Branda, AuD

April 13, 2015

Interview with Alina Urdaneta and Eric Branda, Sivantos   Read More

ReSound LiNX2 Empowers Patients, & App for Apple Watch Coming Soon

Anders Hedegaard

April 13, 2015

Interview with Anders Hedegaard, CEO, GN ReSound   Read More

TIMS Audiology Software Version 6 Brings New Features and Enhancements

Jerod Schaefer

April 6, 2015

Interview with Jerod Schaefer   Read More

Listen Carefully - Starkey Hearing Foundation Initiative to Address Noise Induced Hearing Loss in Teens and Young Adults

Dave Fabry, PhD, Taylor Joseph

April 6, 2015

Interview with Dave Fabry, PhD, Vice President of Audiology and Professional Relations, Starkey, and Taylor Joseph, Director of Marketing and Communications, Starkey Hearing Foundation   Read More

Introducing the New Inium Sense Platform from Oticon

Don Schum, PhD

March 23, 2015

Interview with Don Schum, PhD, Vice President, Audiology and Professional Relations, Oticon   Read More


Using the New ZPower Rechargeable Solution for Hearing Aids to Benefit Your Patients and Practice

Barry A. Freeman, PhD

March 16, 2015

Interview with Barry Freeman, PhD, Vice President of Business Development, ZPower   Read More


Innovation in the Design and Delivery of Sound Rooms: Introducing the GENIE Series

Alex Carlton, Tom Riniker

March 16, 2015

Interview with Alex Carlton, national sales manager, and Tom Riniker, general manager for the Sound Room Division at GN Otometrics.   Read More

Tinnitus Clinical Practice Guidelines from American Academy of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery Foundation: What Audiologists Should Know

Richard S. Tyler, PhD

January 19, 2015

Interview with Richard S. Tyler, PhD   Read More


ReSound Wows CES Attendees with MFi, Announces Expansion to Android Platform

Michael Piskosz, MS, Jennifer Seelman

January 19, 2015

Interview with Jennifer Seelman and Michael Piskosz, ReSound   Read More

A Fee for Service Approach: What and Why

Charles R. Stone, AuD

January 12, 2015

Interview with Charles Stone, AuD, ESCO   Read More

Integrated Fitting: Practical Benefits of Software Connectivity for Enhanced Patient Care

Don Kim, AuD, Ganesh Kripapuri, Trish Morrow, AuD

January 5, 2015

Interview with Don Kim, AuD, Ganesh Kripapuri, Hearing Instrument Specialist, and Trish Morrow AuD   Read More

New Study Shows Phonak's Roger Technology Enables People with Hearing Loss to Hear Better than People with Normal Hearing

Linda K. Thibodeau, PhD, CCC-A/SLP

December 22, 2014

Interview with Linda Thibodeau, PhD   Read More


Siemens Introduces binax, the Next Generation of BestSound Technology

Alina Urdaneta, Eric Branda, AuD

November 24, 2014

Interview with Alina Urdaneta, Vice President, Marketing & Learning, and Eric Branda, AuD, Senior Manager, Product Management   Read More


Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services - Ruling on Bone-Anchored Hearing Systems

Carrie Hart

November 17, 2014

Interview with Carrie Hart, Oticon Medical   Read More

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