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Interview with John Bamford Ph.D., Ellis Llwyd Jones Professor of Audiology and Deaf Education, University of Manchester

John Bamford, PhD

January 17, 2005

Topic: Audiology in England, 2005   Read More


Interview with Richard Seewald, Ph.D. Professor and Canada Research Chair in Childhood Hearing

Richard Seewald, PhD

August 23, 2004

Topic: A Sound Foundation Through Early Amplification   Read More


Interview with Chris Hoffman M.S. CCC-A, F-AAAAtlantic Rehabilitation Institute, Morristown Memorial Hosptial

Chris Hoffman, MS, CCC-A, FAAA

August 9, 2004

Topic: Auditory Neuropathy   Read More


Interview with Karen Foli RN, MSN, Ph.D.

Karen Foli, PhD

May 3, 2004

Topic: Auditory Processing Disorders   Read More


Interview with Marion Downs, Audiologist

Marion Downs, MS, DHS, Hon DSc

September 22, 2003

Topic: Reflections on 50+ Years In Audiology   Read More


Interview with Chris Hoffman Director of Audiology, Ear Specialty Group, Springfield, New Jersey

Chris Hoffman, MS, CCC-A, FAAA

April 28, 2003

  Read More


Interview with Claire Kantor Executive Director, Summit Speech School

Claire Kantor

November 25, 2002

  Read More


Interview with Robert Fifer Ph.D., Director of Audiology and Speech Pathology, Mailman Center for Child Development

Robert C. Fifer, PhD

September 30, 2002

  Read More


Interview with Jack Paradise M.D., Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

Jack Paradise, MD

November 12, 2001

  Read More


Interview with Richard Seewald Ph.D., Audiologist, Creator of 'DSL'

Richard Seewald, PhD

October 8, 2001

  Read More


Interview with Diane L. Sabo Ph. D., Director of Audiology, Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

Diane L. Sabo, PhD

July 9, 2001

  Read More


Interview with William Slattery M.D., Neurotologist, House Ear Institute, Los Angeles, California

William Slattery, MD

June 4, 2001

  Read More


Interview with Gerald Popelka Ph.D., VP of R&D, Everest Biomedical Instruments, Professor of Otolaryngology - Washington University

Gerald Popelka, PhD

May 14, 2001

  Read More


Interview with Alejandro Hoberman M.D., Dept. of Pediatrics, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Alejandro Hoberman, MD

September 26, 2000

  Read More


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