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Providing Greater Access with ClearCaptions Mobile
 CEU courses
Presented by Clark Buxton
Recorded Webinar
Course: #339451 Hour
The changing telecommunication landscape of products and services along with an individual’s hearing loss has created a distinct disadvantage in communicating over the telephone. We will discuss the eligibility and functionality of ClearCaptions Mobile.


ClearCaptions Blue & Mobile

September 3, 2019

ClearCaptions Blue & Mobile

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ClearCaptions® Unveils Blue, New Innovative Caption Phone Blending Modern Tech and Accessibility

ClearCaptions® Launches Mobile Captioning Application for iPhone Users

ClearCaptions® Welcomes New VP of Sales, Joy Glen

ClearCaptions® Welcomes Chief Information and Technology Officer Raghu Dhulipala

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Joy Glen, MA