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PHN - Be the Future of Hearing Healthcare - February 2020
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Physicians Hearing Network
3619 Paesaano's Pkway
Ste. 202
San Antonio, TX 78231
Phone: 210-479-HEAR (4327)

Testimonials from current PHN Providers:

"My patients love the convenience of getting their hearing care services through their primary care physician’s office. PHN is able to give them a one-stop approach to their healthcare needs.” - Amanda M., Hearing Service Provider


“It’s great being able to reduce my patients’ overall cost of care. There’s no need to pay a specialist when PHN is able to give a thorough hearing exam with no cost to them.” - Amanda F., Hearing Service Provider


"I really enjoy working one-on-one with my patient’s primary care physician at PHN. It gives the patients a more personalized service they are accustomed to.”  - Mikki T., Hearing Service Provider


“For me, one of the biggest advantages I find in working with PHN is knowing we’re increasing overall patient satisfaction. Patients know they are in good hands with their trusted and compassionate physicians.” - Stacy O., Hearing Service Provider


“It is always so rewarding to see how hearing instruments affect my patients’ quality of life. Since PHN works directly with physicians, it gives us a chance to detect hearing loss early on and provide treatment.” - Michelle M., Hearing Service Provider



  • Flexible work schedule
  • Competitive compensation package
  • Benefits package available for full-time positions
  • Access to the latest technology in the industry
  • Ongoing training and guidance
  • Custom career path opportunities



Physicians Hearing Network

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