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Pivot Hearing Expands Team, Scope of Services


Petaluma, CA – Pivot Hearing has expanded both its team as well as the scope of services it provides to members.

According to Bill Diles, President of Pivot Hearing, “The landscape of our profession is changing, and it’s becoming harder to stay competitive and independent. As practice owners ourselves who are experiencing tremendous growth amidst these changes, we want to help our colleagues do the same, so we are growing our team and the things we can do for our members.”

Pivot Hearing has added 4 new team members of late. Stephanie Erickson is Director of Web & SEO Services for Pivot Hearing. She oversees the digital marketing for hundreds of hearing healthcare practices as co-founder of our partner company, AuDSEO. She has a proven track record for improving search engine traffic, and her team has the technical and design experience necessary to revitalize your online presence. 

Jeremy Kiecker, Director of Accounting, is a CPA with years of experience providing outsourced accounting and tax services to private practice audiologists throughout the country.  He helps practice owners ensure their accounting systems are set up properly to provide timely and accurate financial information that leads to better financial management decisions.   Jeremy and his team of accountants help practice owners achieve financial management peace of mind by keeping everything organized and streamlined so the owner can focus on growing the practice.  Jeremy has hosted a variety of webinars and financial management seminars dedicated to the hearing industry and is the author of two financial management articles in the Audiology Practices Journal.  

Adam Jasa is Director of Marketing. Adam has extensive experience in print and digital advertising, branding, and websites as Marketing Director at Kenwood Hearing Centers, a 4-location clinic in Northern California. Adam has been involved in creating successful practice brands and advertising campaigns from the ground up.

Lee Diles is Director of Information Technology. He began his career as a software engineer in the music industry with INgrooves, a distribution and marketing company, and now is a Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist at Kenwood Hearing Centers. Lee’s strengths lie in data infrastructure design and analysis.

Pivot Hearing’s expanded team means the company can do more for its members who need specialized, hands-on help. Pivot Hearing uses an a la carte model, where members can use as much or as little of what’s offered at any time, based on individual needs. Recently, Pivot Hearing helped a practice in Tucson, AZ completely re-build from the ground up, including services such as practice rebranding & renaming, website makeover, recruiting, facility makeover, practice management software implementation & daily oversight, fully supported remote bookkeeping, remote fitting support, and implementation of marketing campaigns.

About Pivot Hearing

Based in Petaluma, CA, Pivot Hearing is a practice development partner who helps audiologists & hearing aid dispensers build sustainable private practices. For more information, visit  

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