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Introducing Signia TeleCare - your personal connection to success

October 31, 2016

Signia TeleCare™ is a new application from Signia that will help you to set a completely new and unprecedented standard of care for your patients. TeleCare addresses a current “blind spot” in hearing care: From the moment your patient walks out of your office with their new hearing aids until their next appointment. This is arguably the most crucial time – being on their own during the critical weeks of acclimatization. TeleCare enables you to guide your patients and enhance their experience through Signia’s intuitive smartphone “myHearing™ App” and the TeleCare professional portal. TeleCare helps you set the highest standard of patient care with every Signia hearing instrument. With TeleCare you will be able to provide a higher quality of service, better patient acclimatization, more satisfied patients and, ultimately, fewer returns. Visit for more information.