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Resound Omnia - August 2022

ReSound ONE: Hearing feels like second nature

September 24, 2022

Every sound has an individual story Our sense of hearing is beautifully complex because everyone’s ears and hearing are unique. That’s why it’s always our intention to make using hearing aids feel and sound as natural as possible, guided by how we instinctively interact with the world. When it comes to sound, we take a human direction. With ReSound ONE™ you can forget you’re wearing hearing aids because our designs adapt to fit your needs and situations – you don’t have to fit your life around your hearing. Giving you a great solution, individualized for your needs. If you have mild to severe hearing loss and don’t want to think about your hearing all day long, we will keep things easy and effective, so re-discovering the authentic sounds you love feels like second nature. Explore ReSound ONE:

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