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Earplugs for Pressure Equalization in Flight

Westone Laboratories Inc.

October 3, 2005



I have tinnitus and my ears are sensitive to air pressure changes in airplane rides. I would like to have custom earplugs made (from ear impressions) that protect against that pressure change. Are you able to do that or do you know someone who might be able to? Do you know if custom ear plugs can be made that accommodate the Earplane ear plugs? Any help that you could provide would be appreciated.


Westone occasionally makes the Westone style #47 (DefendEar) for this problem. The Style #47 is an industrial hearing protection device with a high frequency acoustic filter that allows slower pressure equalization due to the restricted pathway through the filter installed in the sound bore of the earplugs. This is similar to the way in which the Earplane functions, in that it resists sudden changes in cabin pressure due to the restricting effect of the filter element. Westone does not make a custom earplug to house the Earplane filters, as the manufacturer describes it as a disposable product meant for only a couple of uses.

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