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Sonic Captivate - April 2019


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Signia Expert Series: Competing in Today's Disruptive Audiological Environment

Amyn Amlani, PhD

August 19, 2019

Hearing healthcare is evolving at a rapid rate. Origins of this evolution stem, in part, from the recent proliferation of disruptive innovations (e.g., OTCs/PSAPs, pharmaceuticals), along with changes...   Read More

20Q: Otoacoustic Emissions - Clinical and Future Applications

Sumitrajit Dhar, PhD

August 12, 2019

A discussion of current and future applications of otoacoustic emission measures in audiology clinical practice, written in an engaging Q & A format.   Read More


Foundations of Baha Implants: Candidacy

Mary Beth O'Sullivan, MA

August 5, 2019

This foundational-level course is designed for audiologists who are new to working with Baha systems. After attending this course, participants will be able to determine if someone is a candidate for...   Read More

Oticon Medical Introduces Ponto 4 - A Paradigm Shift in Bone Anchored Hearing

Barinder Samra, MSc

July 29, 2019

We will introduce the first bone anchored sound processor on the Velox S platform. It is the world’s smallest BAHS sound processor and comes with new exciting connectivity options. We will take a lo...   Read More

20Q: Hearing Loss and the Health Care System

Nicholas Reed, AuD

July 22, 2019

A discussion of hearing loss in the broader context of health care, the many areas that may be impacted by hearing loss, and some initiatives underway to look at addressing hearing loss on a larger sc...   Read More


Supervision from the Inside Out

D'Anne Rudden, AuD

July 8, 2019

Supervising students and employees can be a daunting task for any professional in a management or ownership position. Fostering the next generation of doctors of audiology and support staff requires t...   Read More

The Behavior of OpenSound Navigator in Complex Environments

Don Schum, PhD

July 1, 2019

Signal processing in hearing aids must be able to give the user benefits in a broad range of these complex environments. In this presentation, recorded waveforms from a range of different sound situat...   Read More

Spring 2019-New Platform and New Products from Unitron

Sarah Carls, AuD, CCC-A, Jan Storhaug, AuD, CCC-A, Bill Christman, AuD

July 1, 2019

This course will focus on the technological advancements of Unitron’s newest platform. With our new technology and FLEX, traditional barriers to new technology are a thing of the past. Unitron’s n...   Read More

Trends in Bone Conduction: Considerations for Treating Both Ears

George Cire, AuD, CCC-A

June 24, 2019

While more and more patients with mixed and conductive hearing loss are being treated with Baha solutions, bilateral fittings remain rare. This presentation will review the candidacy criteria for bila...   Read More

Livio AI: Evolution of the Hearing Revolution

Amanda Szarythe, AuD

June 24, 2019

With the introduction of Livio AI Healthable Hearing Technology, Starkey began the process of redefining the hearing aid. This continues with the next evolution of Livio AI, the Thrive Hearing Control...   Read More

20Q: Hearing Loss and Dementia - Highlights from Key Research

Nicholas Reed, AuD

June 20, 2019

A discussion of hearing loss in older adults and its relationship to dementia and cognitive decline, based on the findings of current research.   Read More


Tinnitus Management in the Digital Age: The Efficacy of ReSound Relief

Michael Piskosz, MS

June 10, 2019

This course will discuss the role that ReSound Relief can play in tinnitus management, as well as review data to show that it is an effective tinnitus management tool for those people struggling with...   Read More


The Pediatric Audiologist in Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI)

Caitlin Sapp, AuD, CCC-A, Wendy Crumley Welsh, MS, CCC-A

June 3, 2019

This course describes the role of the pediatric audiologist along with public health in providing services to a child who has been identified as having hearing loss or at risk for hearing loss. The co...   Read More


Captivate - What Life Sounds Like

Erin Reichert, MS

June 3, 2019

Captivate is the newest Sonic hearing instrument featuring the revolutionary SoundDNA platform - with new features and styles, including a Lithium ion rechargeable battery solution. Joins us to learn...   Read More

Through the PSAP Looking Glass

A.U. Bankaitis, PhD, FAAA

May 28, 2019

PSAP performance research will be reviewed, offering the necessary context to showcase the performance potential of devices currently trending in the media. Strategies integrating PSAPs and other alte...   Read More


20Q: An Overview of the New Cochlear Implant Practice Guidelines

Jessica J. Messersmith, PhD, CCC-A, FAAA

May 20, 2019

A review of the purpose for and development of the American Academy of Audiology Cochlear Implant Practice Guidelines written in an engaging, Q & A format.   Read More


Why Open Hearing Aid Fittings are Often Not the Best Choice for the Patient

Matthias Froehlich, PhD, Ulrich Giese, PhD, Thomas A. Powers, PhD

May 6, 2019

This course reviews the pros and cons of open-canal versus occluding ear-coupling systems for hearing aids, and presents comparative data of three different options. Data was collected for both labora...   Read More


Telepractice in Audiology

Bopanna Ballachanda, PhD

May 6, 2019

Telehealth is the delivery of health-related services and information via telecommunications technologies. Telepractice in hearing healthcare will be an invaluable addition to current clinical practic...   Read More

Evolution of Rechargeables

Luis F. Camacho, AuD, FAAA

May 6, 2019

Rechargeable hearing technology is becoming more and more popular with patients due to their convenience and performance. Styles and technology levels of rechargeable technology continues to evolve. T...   Read More


Hearing Loss & Aging: A Public Health Perspective

Frank Lin, MD, PhD

April 22, 2019

Hearing loss and cognition – a closer look at the role of hearing loss as a potentially modifiable risk factor in late-life for cognitive decline and dementia. Research to explore the importance of...   Read More

20Q with Gus Mueller | Hearing Loss & Dementia - Highlights from Key Research | Author: Nicholas Reed, Aud |