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Troubleshooting the Most Common Fitting Issues With Modern Beltone Devices
Beltone CEU courses
Presented by Chris Phoenix
Recorded Webinar
Course: #39618Level: Intermediate1 Hour
In order to serve our patients properly we must have a solid understanding of how to fit our products to the highest level. This course will focus on some of the most common fitting challenges and how to diagnose and fix them. Occlusion, dome-vent selection, and elements of split-band directionality and mixing points are discussed.

Vanderbilt Audiology Journal Club: Hearing Aids in the 'Real World'
AudiologyOnline CEU courses
Presented by Todd Ricketts, PhD, Erin Margaret Picou, AuD, PhD, CCC-A
Recorded Webinar
Course: #39582Level: Intermediate1 Hour
The purpose of this course is to discuss recent research on hearing aids and how their benefits might be realized in real world situations. Several research articles will be discussed in depth, focusing on the study rationale, methodology, results, and clinical implications.

Variability in Hearing Aid Outcomes and the Role of Mild Cognitive Impairment
AudiologyOnline CEU courses
Presented by Hannah Glick, AuD, PhD, CCC-A
Recorded Webinar
Course: #39581Level: Advanced1 Hour
This course examines the impact of hearing treatment in adults on aspects of overall health and well-being, with a particular focus on adults with hearing loss who are at risk for mild cognitive impairment (MCI). Through this course, we will illuminate the role of cognitive screening in audiology clinical practice and the ways in which cognitive screening can aid in clinical decision making and the treatment and rehabilitation process.

ReSound Government Services: Flexible Fittings with ReSound Smart Fit 1.18
ReSound CEU courses
Presented by Kara Sinner, MS, CCC-A, FAAA
Recorded Webinar
Course: #39541Level: Introductory1 Hour
This course will introduce the new ReSound Smart Fit 1.18 fitting software. New features and advanced fitting features will be described and First Fit navigation steps will be reviewed.

The Power of Parents in Fostering Language in Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children, in partnership with American Cochlear Implant Alliance
AudiologyOnline CEU courses
Presented by Dana Suskind, MD, Karl R. White, PhD
Recorded Webinar
Course: #39573Level: Intermediate2 Hours
This two-part online series will emphasize the key role of parents in fostering language in children who are deaf and hearing. With the implementation of newborn hearing screening and accepted practice that state early intervention agencies complete diagnosis and initiate services (including fitting amplification) for children with congenital hearing loss by six months of age, we now recognize the “power of parents.” The role of professionals has shifted from professionals working with the child to supporting the entire family unit in utilizing the language of the home and heart—whether that language is English, Spanish, ASL or another. These two sessions will explore how to fully support parents in language learning for their children with hearing loss.

Fundamentals of Videonystagmography: Lesson 2: Spontaneous Testing, Gaze Testing, Head Shaking, and Hyperventilation
INVENTIS • Audiology & Balance Equipment CEU courses
Presented by Vishal Pawar, MD
Recorded Webinar
Course: #39623Level: Intermediate1.5 Hours
The session highlights the significance of influencing factors like gaze testing and visual fixation, which are pivotal in assessing the functional integrity of the vestibular system. Furthermore, it introduces provocative testing techniques, including the head-shaking test and hyperventilation testing, to provoke vestibular responses that might not be evident under normal conditions. Lastly, the webinar provides a comprehensive overview of vestibular nystagmus, detailing its characteristics and the diagnostic value it holds in distinguishing between various vestibular pathologies.

Research QuickTakes Volume 7: Clinical Tips From Recent Hearing Aid Research
Signia CEU courses
Presented by H. Gustav Mueller, PhD, Brian Taylor, AuD
Recorded Webinar
Course: #39621Level: Intermediate2.5 Hours
This course includes short summaries of recent journal articles that have direct clinical applications. Key teaching points are explained. The summaries are from articles spanning five different areas: pre-fitting considerations, pre-fitting testing, features and signal processing, selection and fitting, and verification.

ReSound Government Services: May 2024 What’s New on Contract?
ReSound CEU courses
Presented by Kara Sinner, MS, CCC-A, FAAA
Recorded Webinar
Course: #39544Level: Introductory1 Hour
This course will introduce the new ReSound Nexia product offering and technology features. ReSound Smart Fit 1.18 fitting software updates will also be described.

Introducing TruHearing 7 New Platform and Product Offerings
Signia CEU courses
Presented by Jill Bambaci, AuD
Recorded Webinar
Course: #39596Level: Introductory1 Hour
This course introduces the TruHearing 7 new platform, TH7, launching in Spring 2024. TH7 is designed to identify, enhance, and track the location of multiple conversation partners, even as they change locations. This course reviews unique product features and benefits of the TH7 platform.

Signia Government Services: May 2024 Contract Update
Signia CEU courses
Presented by Lisa Perhacs, AuD
Recorded Webinar
Course: #39577Level: Introductory1 Hour
Integrated Xperience (IX), built on Signa’s innovative Augmented Focus™ split processing technology which processes speech and background noise separately to create a clear contrast between the two, features an all-new RealTime Conversation Enhancement (RTCE) solution that analyzes, augments, and adapts to the dynamic flow of multi-party conversation environments. Also, new form factors with IX advanced features will be introduced to the Government Services contract - offering solutions to address the needs and wants of today’s wearer by expanding the power of conversation.

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