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People who are hearing challenged often find themselves slowly disconnecting from their loved ones, and the life they cherish. Our mission acknowledges that Phonak empowers people to reconnect to the world with a renewed sense of confidence, allowing them to be a participant – deepening their relationship with everybody and everything that matters most.

Together with our partners, hearing care professionals around the world, we are fully committed to fighting the stigma attached to hearing loss, to tearing down barriers for the hearing-impaired and to finding new and innovative ways to help everyone reconnect to the beauty of sound.




Hearing Systems

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Continuing Education

Do Hearing Aids Prevent Cognitive Decline?
 CEU courses
Presented by Shannon Basham, AuD
Live WebinarMon, Jun 10, 2019 at 12:00 pm EDT
Course: #331811 Hour
Research has shown that there are known associations between hearing loss and cognitive abilities. Cognitive decline has been seen to be accelerated in people with hearing loss. Several hypotheses exist regarding the underlying mechanisms driving the described associations. Science is currently trying to find the most likely explanation. One of the more researched hypotheses is that impoverished auditory input leads to decreased cognition - So can hearing aids delay the issue? The session will give an overview of the current state of knowledge.

There's An App For That! Hearing Aid Users Interactions with Smartphone Fine Tuning App
 CEU courses
Presented by Lisa Standaert, AuD
Live WebinarMon, Jun 3, 2019 at 12:00 pm EDT
Course: #331691 Hour
No CEUs/Hours Offered
This course will review the results from pilot studies on user preferences and interactions with Phonak's smartphone fine tuning app.

Best First Fit Experience From Phonak: Phonak Marvel
 CEU courses
Presented by Lori Rakita, AuD
Live WebinarMon, Apr 29, 2019 at 12:00 pm EDT
Course: #329791 Hour
The new Phonak Marvel platform has several key features specifically designed for first-time hearing aid users. A study at the Phonak Audiology Research Center investigated sound quality ratings of new hearing aid users for Phonak Marvel compared to two other devices, and found preference for the Phonak Marvel device.

Pediatric Family Centered Care. The Importance of Family Involvement for Pediatric Patients
 CEU courses
Presented by Nicole Klutz, AuD
Recorded Webinar
Course: #328601 Hour
From the moment we inform families of their child’s hearing loss, there is much to discuss and understand. However, for many reasons, families may not bring up their questions or concerns. Using a tool like the CHL QPL involves far more than providing surface answers to family questions and concerns. Easy-to-apply listening and counseling skills are needed to understand what a particular question means to a particular family, and whether it is indirectly related to other, more complicated concerns.

Phonak Audeo Marvel. Fully Connected to a Teen's Life
 CEU courses
Presented by Angela Lawfield
Recorded Webinar
Course: #328171 Hour
Teens today face pressures with school, sports, relationships and media. Participating and feeling accepted takes confidence which is not always easy for teens with hearing loss. When teens hear well, they can connect socially resulting in them feeling more comfortable in their own skin and confident enough to break out and be different. Hearing technology that allows them to fully participate and communicate in every situation will give them the sense of well-being so that they can make sure to make the most of those exciting and challenging teenage years. Phonak Marvel does just that! In this course, we will review Phonak Audeo Marvel as a solution for teens with hearing loss.


Incorporating eAudiology into Your Practice

April 1, 2019

The digital transformation is changing all aspects of our lives — from how we purchase groceries to how we receive healthcare. At Phonak, we looked at the entire hearing care pathway and identif...

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Phonak Marvel™: The Science Behind the Multifunctional Marvel

March 1, 2019

At Phonak, we design all hearing aid innovations with the needs of the hearing aid wearer as the No. 1 priority. Marvel has been specifically designed to address changing listener needs throughout the...

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Phonak Audeo™ Marvel: Experience Love at First Sound

November 12, 2018

Phonak Marvel is a multifunctional hearing aid that provides a true, love-at-first-sound experience. Marvel combines innovative technological features you’ve come to expect from Phonak: recharge...

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Phonak: Driving the Hearing Care Industry Forward Through Education

October 1, 2018

Phonak is dedicated to providing educational content and professional support to every hearing health care provider, for every stage of their career. We offer these tools through various mediums, such...

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Phonak Virto B-Titanium and Lyric: Discreet, in-the-ear solutions

September 1, 2018

In a changing marketplace, 62% of people with hearing loss are looking for discreet or invisible hearing solutions. Learn how Virto B-Titanium and Lyric can help differentiate your practice and provid...

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Welcome to the Phonak Audiology Research Center

May 1, 2018

Come take a tour of the Phonak Audiology Research Center (PARC). Opened in 2014, the PARC team is here to drive highly relative research, ensure to respond quickly to the needs of our customers, add v...

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Phonak Sky B: The key to unlocking a child's full potential

April 1, 2018

Hearing aids for children need to be developed specifically for a child — not a small adult. Research has shown that a child needs to hear 45 million words and have 20,000 hours of listening by...

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Phonak Naida B: Packed with power hearing technology

March 7, 2018

Patients with severe to profound hearing loss have unique and complex needs. Addressing their needs and offering complete hearing solutions is critical for their care. Discover how the Phonak Na&Iacut...

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Phonak Legacy of Innovation

November 1, 2017

Celebrating 70 years of life-changing hearing solutions we are proud to showcase our comprehensive portfolio.

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Phonak Solutions for Children with Unilateral Hearing Loss

October 23, 2017

Be ready for success with the Phonak Sky™ V, CROS II + Sky V and Roger™ Focus.

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Phonak In-the-Ear Solutions - Lyric, Virto B-Titanium and Introducing Virto B

October 1, 2017

Phonak has a rich history and heritage with the In-The-Ear Solutions portfolio. Join us as we discuss the world’s only 100% invisible, extended wear hearing aid Lyric, and the strong and discret...

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Audeo B-Direct: Direct Connectivity, Now Made For All

September 1, 2017

Introducing Audéo B-Direct, the first Made For All hearing aid that provides direct connectivity to any* cell phone. Powered by the SWORD™ chip, the Phonak proprietary 2.4 GHZ radio chip...

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Audiology at Phonak

May 1, 2017

Join Bill Dickinson AuD, VP of Audiology, as he discusses the various ways in which the Audiology team contributes to the success of Phonak.

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Virto B-Titanium: High Performing Technology and First Class Design

April 1, 2017

Phonak is celebrating 70 years of changing lives with the release of the Virto B- Titanium, the most discreet hearing aid we have ever produced.

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Lyric3: Celebrating 10 Years of 24/7 Hearing

March 1, 2017

Join Phonak as we celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Lyric, world’s only 100% invisible extended wear hearing aid. Learn about the unique opportunity Lyric presents to hearing healthcare provi...

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Partnering for Success in a Dynamic Marketplace

November 30, 2016

Jan Metzdorff, president of Phonak US, discusses the company's philosophy as well as current products and programs designed to help professionals succeed in today's dynamic marketplace.

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Phonak AutoSense OS Research Protocol

October 31, 2016

Watch Phonak's AutoSense OS operating system be put to the test against the competition. It adapts and blends to optimize hearing across a multitude of real life complex environments.

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Phonak Audeo B-R Rechargeable Hearing Aid

September 30, 2016

Learn about the quickest-charging, longest-lasting rechargeable hearing aid ever and listen to feedback from hearing care professionals.

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PHONAK Audiology Research Center AutoSense OS Study

June 1, 2016

Phonak clinical study reveals that beyond accuracy and fine-tuned detection of environments, AutoSense OS can optimize speech understanding as well as comfort and sound quality.

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The new Phonak Sky V Portfolio: Setting new hearing performance standards

May 1, 2016

PARC Director, Christine Jones sits down with AudiologyOnline to discuss the new hearing performance standards within the Sky V portfolio.

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Phonak Marvel: The Ultimate Combination of Exceptional Sound Quality and Universal Bluetooth® Connectivity is Now Available with Telecoil and New SlimTip Titanium

Phonak Marvel Hearing Aid is a 2019 Edison Awards Finalist

Peru: Over 31,000 Children Tested For Hearing Loss

Phonak Honored For 'Accessibility' and '3D Printing' with Two CES 2019 Innovation Awards

Phonak Teams Up with Microsoft to Improve Access to Hearing Care Over Distance

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Revolutionary Phonak Marvel Hearing Aids: The Ultimate Combination of Exceptional Sound Quality and Universal Bluetooth Connectivity

Sonova Films Win Cannes Accolades for Third Year in a Row

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World Wide Hearing Receives Richard Seewald Award 18/19

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Sounds Like Teen Spirit! Phonak Searching for Teens with Hearing Loss for First Teen Advisory Board

German Singer-Songwriter Helps Children in Need with Hearing Loss

Phonak Launches Accredited Program on Family-Centered Care


Marvelous Products and Solutions: Phonak Audeo Marvel
Aly Hoffman, ScD

Clear, Rich Sound. Understanding the Research Supporting Phonak Audeo Marvel
Eliza Floyd, AuD, CCC-A

Listening Effort and EEG as Measures of Performance of Modern Hearing Aid Algorithms
Axel Winneke, PhD, Maarten De Vos, PhD, Kirsten C. Wagener, PhD, Peter Derleth, PhD, Matthias Latzel, PhD, Jens Appell, PhD, Frank Wallhoff, PhD

Spatial Noise Processing in Hearing Aids Modulates Neural Markers Linked to Listening Effort: An EEG Study
Axel Winneke, PhD, Michael Schulte, PhD, Matthias Vormann, PhD, Matthias Latzel, PhD

Roger for Young Children
Rebekah Cunningham, PhD

Hearing Loss and Emotions
Lori Rakita, AuD

A New Age of Communication Powered by Purposeful Innovation
Courtney Abel

Improving Television Listening for Hearing Aid Users
Lisa Standaert, AuD, Lori Rakita, AuD, Olaf Strelcyk, PhD

Unilateral Hearing Loss in Children: Impact and Solutions
Dane Bowers, AuD, CCC-A

Educational Solutions for Children with Listening Challenges
Lisa Dyre, AuD, CCC-A

Phonak CROS II
Ashley Cantin, AuD

Phonak AutoSense OS: The Evolution of Automation Technology
Stephanie Watson, AuD

Phonak Audeo: RIC Solutions
RaDora Dinnan, AuD

Hearing Aids and Music
Soren Vase Legarth, Nick Zacharov, PhD, Matthias Latzel, PhD, Volker Kuhnel, PhD

Roger Pen and Roger Clip-on Mic: Adult Solutions
Cheri Hebeisen, AuD, CCC-A

Sound Bytes on SoundRecover
Christine Jones, AuD, CCC-A

Improvement of Speech Intelligibility and Subjective Satisfaction with the New Phonak DECT Cordless Phone
Jennifer Appleton-Huber, MSc, Matthias Latzel, PhD

Capturing Voices: Phonak RemoteMic and Wireless Accessories
Evan L. Claytor, AuD, CCC-A

Advanced Features for Teen Patients
Shannon Motsett, MA, CCC-A

The Benefits of Nonlinear Frequency Compression for a Wide Range of Hearing Losses
Hugh McDermott, PhD

Ask the Expert

How Do I Determine Which Roger Combination is Right for My Student?
Rebekah Cunningham, PhD

Is There an Interactive Counseling Tool for Parents to Use with Roger?
Rebekah Cunningham, PhD

How Does Roger Contribute to Incidental Learning?
Rebekah Cunningham, PhD

How Can the EasyView Otoblock Help Me Take Deep Canal Impressions?
Paul J. Kreimer, MA, CCC-A

What Does the Phonak Virto B-Titanium Offer in Terms of Performance?
Paul J. Kreimer, MA, CCC-A

What are the Benefits of Using Titanium in the Phonak Virto B-Titanium?
Paul J. Kreimer, MA, CCC-A

Have There Been Any New Changes to Phonak Sky V, CROS II or Roger Focus?
Angela Pelosi

How Does SoundRecover2 Frequency Lowering Technology Work?
Angela Pelosi

What Makes Phonak's Sky V Pediatric Portfolio Unique?
Angela Pelosi

What are the Key Features of Phonak's Bolero V?
Martin Grieder, Bill Dickinson, AuD

What is the Best Way to Assess Non-Linear Frequency Compression?
Christine Jones, AuD, CCC-A

How Long Before a Patient Receives Maximum Benefit from Non-Linear Frequency Compression?
Christine Jones, AuD, CCC-A

Does Non-Linear Frequency Compression Improve Listening in Noise?
Christine Jones, AuD, CCC-A

Should I Apply Non-linear Frequency Compression for Mild Hearing Losses?
Christine Jones, AuD, CCC-A

Does Non-linear Frequency Compression (NFC) Work for Adults?
Christine Jones, AuD, CCC-A

Using FM with Dynamic SoundField System
Patrick Henry

Who Are Candidates for Nonlinear Frequency Compression?
Myriel Nyffeler, PhD

Nonlinear Frequency Compression
Diane Hammel, AuD, FAAA

Telephones and the MyLink FM System
Patrick Henry

Using the Phonak Handymic With My PC
Patrick Henry


Phonak Marvel™: The Science Behind the Multifunctional Marvel
Lori Rakita, AuD

Unilateral Hearing Loss in Children: Consensus Paper from Phonak International Conference Aims to Improve Standard of Care
Anne Marie Tharpe, PhD

Phonak Launches Pediatric Family-Centered Audiological Care Initiative
Kris English, PhD

Ready for Success - Phonak Solutions to Support Children with Unilateral Hearing Loss
Angela Pelosi

Phonak Launches New Belong Platform to the Global Market
Martin Grieder

Introducing Roger for Education Portfolio - Setting New Standards in Learning
Angela Pelosi

Introducing Phonak Sky V - The New Pediatrics Product Portfolio
Angela Pelosi

Introducing Phonak CROS II, Designed for Better Performance in Noise
Bill Dickinson, AuD

Phonak Bolero V - Features and Benefits
Bill Dickinson, AuD, Martin Grieder

New Study Shows Phonak's Roger Technology Enables People with Hearing Loss to Hear Better than People with Normal Hearing
Linda K. Thibodeau, PhD

Introducing Phonak Venture: More Processing Power, Reduced Battery Consumption and Better Performance to Address Patient Needs
Dr. Thomas Lang, Gavin Buddis

Frequently Asked Questions About SoundRecover
Christine Jones, AuD, CCC-A

Introducing Lyric 3, Phonak’s Tinnitus Program & Other Practice Development Opportunities
Maarten Barmentlo, Bryan Holmes

Introducing Phonak Sky Q and Roger Pen
Angela Pelosi, Hans E. Mülder

Interview with Bryan Holmes and Dr. Jacob Johnson
Bryan Holmes, Jacob Johnson, MD

Interview with Bill Dickinson, AuD, Vice President of Audiology, Phonak US
Bill Dickinson, AuD

Interview with Maarten Barmentlo, Group Vice President Marketing, Phonak
Maarten Barmentlo

Interview with Dr. Hans E. Mülder, Director Marketing and Senior Audiologist at Phonak Communications, Phonak Headquarters, Switzerland
Hans E. Mülder

Interview with Nina Kraus, PhD, Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory, Northwestern University
Nina Kraus, PhD

Interview with Jennifer Hojnacki, Director of Lyric Marketing, Phonak
Jennifer Hojnacki