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Continuing Education

CaptionCall Service & Technology Demonstration
CaptionCall CEU courses
Presented by Steve DeMari
Recorded Webinar
Course: #37360Level: Introductory0.5 Hours
CaptionCall service and technology is available to all persons with hearing loss and who have difficulty communicating on the telephone. This course will help the Hearing Healthcare Professional describe the functionality and new features of the CaptionCall Phone, the CaptionCall Mobile App, and the requirements for CaptionCall Services.

An Introduction to CaptionCall
CaptionCall CEU courses
Presented by Steve DeMari
Recorded Webinar
Course: #42840Level: Intermediate1 Hour
People with hearing loss are at a distinct disadvantage compared to people with normal hearing when communicating on the telephone. This course discusses eligibility requirements for patients to receive captioning service.

Hearing Loss & Aging: A Public Health Perspective
CaptionCall CEU courses
Presented by Frank Lin, MD, PhD
Recorded WebinarText/Transcript
Course: #32607Level: Intermediate1 Hour
Hearing loss and cognition: This course will take a closer look at the role of hearing loss as a potentially modifiable risk factor in late-life for cognitive decline and dementia. It will also review research to explore the importance of treating hearing loss in older adults.


The Need for Captioned Telephone Service During the Pandemic

August 1, 2020

The need for Captioned Telephone service during the pandemic

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Lou talks about his hearing loss journey

January 30, 2020

Lou talks about his hearing loss journey. He discusses the causes of his hearing loss and devices such as loops and the CaptionCall captioned telephone which help him better understand the conversatio...

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Shirley talks about the challenges of her hearing loss

August 29, 2019

Shirley discusses her hearing loss and how it affected her life, specifically her relationship with her children and grandchildren. She discussed how CaptionCall enabled her to share experiences again...

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Eddy the Ear Visits a Hearing Specialist

May 1, 2018

Eddy visits a hearing specialist for the first time and discusses what he can expect during his appointment.

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Eddy the Ear: Breaking News

January 12, 2018

Eddy holds a press confernce to answer questions about his human's decision to seek a hearing specialist.

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Eddy the Ear: Effects of Untreated Hearing Loss

July 7, 2017

Eddy discusses the social, mental, and physical risks associated with untreated hearing loss.

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CaptionCall Phones Now Have Bluetooth

Low-Cost Internet Options for CaptionCall Users

CaptionCall, LLC Receives TIA-4953 Certification

CaptionCall Module v2.0 for Noah 4 Provides Ease in Certification for Hearing-Care Professionals


Hearing Loss & Aging: A Public Health Perspective
Frank Lin, MD, PhD

Improved Speech Understanding Using Closed Captioning on the Television and Telephone
Teresa Baker

The Importance of Television Closed Captioning and Captioned Telephone Service for People with Hearing Loss
Teresa Shipman, AuD

Ask the Expert

How is Hearing Loss Related to Cognitive Decline and Dementia?
Frank Lin, MD, PhD

What are a Few Effective Communication Strategies?
Frank Lin, MD, PhD

Communicate Confidently with CaptionCall
Jeffrey Bradford

Does CaptionCall meet Telecommunications Industry Association Standards for Amplification?
Jeffrey Bradford

Can Captioned Telephones Help My Patients Who Use Cochlear Implants and Hearing Aids?
Jeffrey Bradford

How can CaptionCall Offer a Complimentary Phone and Free Captioning Service?
Jeffrey Bradford

How Does Sociality Impact Quality Aging?
Suzanne Robbins

Why is Hearing on the Phone so Difficult?
Jim Rollins, BC-HIS

Who Needs CaptionCall?
Jeffrey Bradford


Hearing Loss and Social Isolation: How IP CTS Can Help
Steve DeMari, MS

Interview with Frank R. Lin, MD, PhD
Frank Lin, MD, PhD

Access to the Telephone for People with Hearing Loss: CaptionCall’s Case Against the FCC
Bruce Peterson

Interview with Jeffrey Bradford, Director of Marketing, CaptionCall
Jeffrey Bradford


Scholarships for AuD Students

Audiology students - Apply starting November 1st for scholarships for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Overcoming Objections

Understanding common patient concerns about CaptionCall and how to address them

Provider Survey Results

See what Hearing Care Providers are saying about CaptionCall

Jumpstart their journey with a system for satisfaction.

Jumpstart their journey with a system for satisfaction.

Cultivate patient loyalty

Here are three ways you can make your practice thrive using CaptionCall.

Equal opportunity enjoyment

Chances are, trouble having phone conversations is a familiar complaint among your patients.

The sound of satisfaction

Our captioning phone and service address one of patients’ top frustrations and can help you gain their loyalty.

Trust. It comes through loud and clear.

CaptionCall was the first company to advocate for no-cost equipment. We continue to innovate captioning technologies and personalized services. And our focus isalways people first.

How to Order CaptionCall

Order CaptionCall in 90 Seconds or LessThree Choices—One Easy StepTo order a complimentary CaptionCall phone for your eligible patients, use the certification submission process that works best for you: Option 1 – Use the Captio

Why Choose CaptionCall?

7 Compelling Reasons to Choose CaptionCall 1 – Captioning ExcellenceSmoothCaptionCall offers SilkScroll®—a patented feature that sends captions in smaller groupings of text to the phone’s screen for a remarkably smooth flow

Making the Case for Sociality

Hearing loss is one of the most common causes of social isolation in aging adults. Studies reveal that sociality is the first line of defense when it comes to quality aging.

WHITE PAPER: The Importance of Captioned Telephone Service in Meeting the Communication Needs of People With Hearing Loss.

Captioned phones offer a valuable functional solution for about 16 million people.

CaptionCall: Professional Certification Form

Use this certification form to certify that the qualified patient has hearing loss and requires the CaptionCall service to use the telephone in a manner that is functionally equivalent to a fully hearing person.

Learn more about CaptionCall and how to get started.

CaptionCall can help your patients use the phone—with confidence!

CaptionCall: The Impact of Hearing Loss on Our Health

There may be a direct link between staying socially connected and our overall health, research shows. This confirms what many healthcare professionals have believed for years, that aging adults who stay socially connected live longer, happier,...

CaptionCall: Red-carpet Services

Learn how easy it is to work with CaptionCall and their Red-carpet service program.

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