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Widex Care - November 2023

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Maximizing the Efficacy of the Widex Sound Assist™ Remote Microphone
Widex CEU courses
Presented by Francis Kuk, PhD, Petri Korhonen, MSc (tech), Christopher Slugocki, PhD, Heidi Peeters, MA
Course: #39113Level: Intermediate1 Hour
The objective of the current study was to evaluate the efficacy of the Widex Sound Assist remote microphone when used with varying distances between the talker and remote microphone device. Understanding this distance effect could help Hearing Care Professionals instruct their patients adequately so the patients receive the most benefit from using remote microphone technology.

20Q: Speech in Noise Testing - Too Useful to be Ignored!
AudiologyOnline CEU courses
Presented by H. Gustav Mueller, PhD, Todd Ricketts, PhD, Benjamin W. Y. Hornsby, PhD
Course: #39108Level: Intermediate5 Hours
This course reviews how speech-in-noise (SIN) testing can be routinely used in the clinical setting, both for identifying functional capabilities, and for the selection and fitting of hearing aids. Specific attention is given to the QuickSIN test, describing applications, clinical protocols and test interpretation. Step-by-step guidelines and case studies are provided.

Textbook CE Course: Electronystagmography and Videonystagmography (ENG & VNG)
AudiologyOnline CEU courses
Presented by Devin L. McCaslin, PhD
Course: #39082Level: Intermediate12.5 Hours
The second edition of Electronystagmography and Videonystagmography (ENG/VNG) serves as a practical guide for conducting and interpreting ENG/VNG examinations, covering normal and impaired vestibular system function, central nervous system compensation, and ENG/VNG subtests. Additionally, it includes information on common dizziness-causing disorders diagnostic criteria, and provides illustrative case studies for both graduate students and practicing clinicians.

Textbook CE Course: Complex Cochlear Implant Cases: Management and Troubleshooting
AudiologyOnline CEU courses
Presented by Josh Sevier, AuD, LLM
Course: #39083Level: Advanced23.5 Hours
Complex Cochlear Implant Cases: Management and Troubleshooting is a resource for cochlear implant audiologists, offering insights into challenging cases involving issues like mapping, equipment problems, and medical conditions. The book presents real-life cases with clinical presentations, audiological testing, and programming suggestions, accompanied by questions for readers to engage with, ultimately providing practical solutions and key takeaways for managing intricate cochlear implant cases.

20Q: Optimizing Hearing Aid Processing for Listening to Music
AudiologyOnline CEU courses
Presented by Marshall Chasin, AuD
Course: #38931Level: Intermediate2 Hours
Music and speech have some differences which include spectral shape, intensity, and “crest factors”. Most modern digital hearing aids cannot handle the more intense inputs that are characteristic of music. New hearing aid technologies and clinically efficient strategies will be provided to optimize hearing aids for music as well as for speech. These technologies and clinical strategies are designed to both circumvent some of the limitations with current hearing aids and to optimize the quality of amplified music.

How AI-Driven Hearing Aid Features and Fresh Approaches to Counseling Can Promote Better Outcomes: Part 2, Towards Empowered Follow-up Care
Signia CEU courses
Presented by Brian Taylor, AuD, Niels Søgaard Jensen, MSc
Course: #39011Level: Intermediate2.5 Hours
This article examines how AI-driven features in new generation hearing aids, when combined with targeted person-centered counseling and other systematic approaches to follow-up care, can speed the wearer’s journey toward empowered, consistent hearing aid use.

20Q: Social and Emotional Impacts of Hearing Loss—Empowering Audiologists
AudiologyOnline CEU courses
Presented by Bec Bennett, PhD
Course: #38815Level: Intermediate2.5 Hours
This course details research describing how hearing loss can affect a person's social and emotional well-being and how audiology services can better meet the social and emotional needs of their client base. Dr. Bennett shares her research which explored the barriers preventing audiologists from incorporating social and emotional well-being support into routine care and the intervention program she and her team developed to help audiologists address these barriers. Course attendees will learn tips for prioritizing client needs and links to downloadable resources to help them embed social and emotional well-being support into their practice.

Multiple Generations in The Workplace: Effective Communication to Enhance Diversity
AudiologyOnline CEU courses
Presented by Ingrid Provident, EdD, OTR/L, FAOTA
Recorded WebinarText/Transcript
Course: #42932Level: Introductory1 Hour
There are very different generations in the hearing healthcare workplace and getting these groups to work together effectively is challenging. It is important to first understand each of these groups based on their strengths to bring out the beauty of diversity for the overarching purpose of preventing generational collisions from occurring in the workplace. This presentation will present a way to identify communication preferences and effective ways to approach others that have different viewpoints in a hearing healthcare setting.

Research QuickTakes Volume 6 (Pt. 1): Hearing Aid Fitting Toolbox - Important Pre-Fitting Measures
Signia CEU courses
Presented by Brian Taylor, AuD, H. Gustav Mueller, PhD
Course: #38950Level: Intermediate5 Hours
Prior to the actual fitting of the hearing aid, there are several pre-fitting measures that must be conducted. In this article, we review four of these measures, and provide step-by-step guidance regarding their clinical implementation.

Research QuickTakes Volume 6 (Pt. 2): Hearing Aid Fitting Toolbox - Verification and Validation
Signia CEU courses
Presented by Brian Taylor, AuD, H. Gustav Mueller, PhD
Course: #38951Level: Intermediate4 Hours
This course describes procedures associated with the varication and validation of the hearing aid fitting, including probe-mic assessment, sound field threshold testing and self-assessment outcome measures. Step-by-step “how to” procedures are included.

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