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Experiencing Solutions-Based Auditory Processing Evaluation and Therapy
AudiologyOnline CEU courses
Presented by Angela Loucks Alexander, AuD, MNZAS, CCC-A
Live WebinarFri, Aug 7, 2020 at 3:00 pm EDT
Course: #35146Level: Intermediate1 Hour
This course seeks to demonstrate the utilization of the Central Test Battery/Buffalo Model therapy as a viable and innovative means to diagnose and treat Auditory Processing Disorders (APD). This session will help clinicians interpret information from assessment results in the hope of furthering earlier identification, intervention and remediation.

Audiology’s Game of Risk: Managed Care Contracting and Credentialing in a Changing Landscape
AudiologyOnline CEU courses
Presented by Kim Cavitt, AuD
Course: #34435Level: Introductory3 Hours
This course focuses on the fundamentals of third-party payer/insurance contracting and credentialing. We will explore the steps involved in enrollment and credentialing and how to decide whether or not in-network participation is good for your practice.

Sonic Spotlight Series: Understanding Fitting Rationales
Sonic CEU courses
Presented by Scott Bunnell, AuD
Live WebinarMon, Aug 10, 2020 at 11:00 am EDT
Course: #35436Level: Intermediate0.5 Hours
There are several options to choose from when selecting a fitting rationale, so how do you know what is the best choice for your patient? Join us for another Sonic Spotlight Series to learn more about fitting rationales – what they are and how they differ.

Building Babies' Brains at Home
Advanced Bionics CEU courses
Presented by Clinical Specialist
Live WebinarTue, Aug 11, 2020 at 12:00 pm EDT
Course: #42711Level: Introductory0.5 Hours
No CEUs/Hours Offered
Parents are agents of brain change. Parents’ everyday moments can change babies’ brains. Parents have what it takes to help their babies/toddlers at home and AB has tools to help you do it.

Grand Rounds: Pediatrics, presented in partnership with Nemours Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children
AudiologyOnline CEU courses
Presented by Yell Inverso, AuD, PhD, Andy Lau, AuD, William Parkes, MD, Jenna Pellicori, AuD, Michael Hoffman, PhD
Live WebinarWed, Aug 12, 2020 at 12:00 pm EDT
Course: #35435Level: Advanced1.5 Hour
This course features clinicians from the Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children presenting actual case studies on amplification and assessment with a range of audiological and medical diagnoses represented.

Support For Families of Pre-School and School-Age Children at Home
Advanced Bionics CEU courses
Presented by Clinical Specialist
Live WebinarThu, Aug 13, 2020 at 12:00 pm EDT
Course: #42714Level: Introductory0.5 Hours
No CEUs/Hours Offered
Online education, tele-therapy?! You don’t have to be an expert. AB has tools created by experts in the field to support your child’s learning at home.

Grand Rounds: Auditory Processing Disorders, presented in partnership with Salus University
AudiologyOnline CEU courses
Presented by James W. Hall III, PhD, Ghada Said A. A. Ahmed, MS
Recorded Webinar
Course: #35388Level: Advanced2 Hours
This Grand Rounds features a presentation of two cases to illustrate the assessment and management of patients with auditory processing disorders. Cases include one child and one adult. Following each case presentation, we will discuss information essential for identification, diagnosis, and management of patients with auditory processing disorders.

Personal Protection Equipment and Students with Hearing Loss
Oticon CEU courses
Presented by Dave Gordey
Live WebinarFri, Aug 14, 2020 at 12:00 pm EDT
Course: #35431Level: Intermediate1 Hour
Children with hearing loss returning to school may encounter teachers and other school-based professionals who will be using personal protective equipment (PPE). This webinar will share data on the effect of different PPE on audibility for students with hearing loss.

Fitting Formulas: History, Principles and Clinical Applications
Starkey CEU courses
Presented by Andrea Hannan-Dawkes, AuD, FAAA
Recorded Webinar
Course: #35249Level: Intermediate1 Hour
Perhaps the most important part of any hearing aid fitting is the ability to deliver an effective and appropriate first fit that qualifies as a “best fit”. The ability to optimize gain and output for each unique hearing loss is necessary to ensure that the technology we are fitting is able to deliver amplification that helps facilitate effective communication. To assist us in this endeavor, we have a variety of fitting formulas to choose from in order to address the unique needs of every patient. In addition, prescriptive targets play a significant role in the patient’s acceptance or rejection of amplification. This course will provide an overview of prescriptive fitting formulas and discuss fitting considerations for different patient populations.

The Connection Between Hearing and Overall Health
ReSound CEU courses
Presented by Jack Scott, PhD
Recorded Webinar
Course: #35243Level: Introductory1 Hour
Research has linked physical health to the prevalence of hearing loss, and the prevalence of hearing loss to cognitive health. As hearing healthcare professionals, it is important to understand these relationships from the aspect of counseling patients on the impact of lifestyle on hearing and the benefit of hearing aids on listening lifestyle and satisfaction.